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Monday, December 5, 2011

Know ALL the facts before you judge a situation, there's always at least one more piece of information you don't know, that could change everything!

There’s always at least one more piece of information that one needs to know, before they understand.
Since there is nothing new under the sun, (Ecclesiastes 1:9), I take no credit for passing along the following information for your edification and understanding of situations as you mature in The Faith.
One Sunday morning on a subway in New York City, people were sitting quietly---reading their Sunday morning newspapers, some lost in thought, some resting with their eyes closed from either working all night or partying all night, regardless, their eyes were closed with the welcome feeling of rest.

It was a calm peaceful scene as the train rocked each person to their own restful beat with a clickity clack, I gotcha covered and I’ll take care of you till you get to your destination.
Then suddenly, a man and his children entered the subway car at the next station. The children were soooooo loud and rambunctious that instantly the climate inside the car had dramatically changed.
The man sat down next to a passenger and closed his eyes as if to rest himself, apparently oblivious to the situation. His children were yelling back and forth, throwing things, running up and down the car as it sped along the tunnel, grabbing people’s papers. It was very disturbing to most all in the car. Yet, the man rested with his eyes closed, rocking to the subtle sway of the subway car, seeming to enjoy every roll. He did absolutely nothing about his children causing mayhem.
Many became to feel irritated, they became indignant that this person could be so callous and uncaring and insensitive as to let his children run wild like they were and do nothing about it, taking no responsibility at all!
It was clearly evident to everyone on the subway car, that his lack of attention had affected the whole atmosphere on the formerly serene subway car. All were now irritated at the cacophony of the kids running rampant!
Until one person, finally spoke up on behalf of the whole, and said, ‘SIR! Your children are REALLY disturbing a lot of people! I wonder if you wouldn’t mind and control them please! Thank you!”
The man lifted his gaze as if to come into a consciousness of the situation and for the first time spoke ever so gently and said softly to all inside the car…. “ Oh, you are right, please forgive me, I guess I should do something about it. We just came from the hospital where their mother died about an hour ago. I don’t know what to think, and I guess they don’t know how to handle it either.’
See Proverbs 25 8-10

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The reason for the Reason December 2011

Remember ‘The Reason for the Reason’ December 2011

As we enter another one of that end of year Holiday Seasons we have all heard the phrase, ‘Remember the Reason for the Season!’ Ask most folks, well; just what is the ‘reason for the season’? They probably will give a one word answer, Jesus! Jesus is the Reason for the Season! I’ve come to understand that’s what we were taught, that ‘Jesus ‘was the reason for the season. And of course we’ve all heard that this is ‘Baby Jesus birthday, etc.’ Ahh yes, that most wonderful time of the year! ‘Pull up and ice-block and lend and ear…’, ‘You see George you really did have a Wonderful Life!’, ‘Keep the change, ya filthy animal’, ‘Get the biggest aluminum tree you can find, Charlie Brown, maybe painted pink’. I have the precious memories, the family times etc, loved them all. Doesn’t make em right IF one is a follower of The Word made flesh. I didn’t know I had inherited lies at the time. But just because it feels good, do it, don’t cut it. Likewise, that old adage, ‘how come something that ‘feels’ so right be so wrong, may work in a country song or a hit radio song just to get to the flesh, doesn’t make it right. C’mon, anyone with human flesh on as skin, knows what I’m talking about. We’ve all made the mistakes. Again, we didn’t know! Yet, as we matured, we kind of did know, didn’t we? And still yielded to that temptation and indulged. That’s not the gist of this article,
As I’ve walked out of the darkness of religion into The Light of His Word, I began to see more and more! Hello!!!! McFly??? McGodley!!? Why does His Word seem to talk about blindness a lot? ‘Giving sight to the blind? The blind leading the blind? I have begun to question where and why we speak phrases and wonder where they came from and why we just seem to accept them as Truth. Such as; ‘Remember the Reason for the Season!’.
My dear friends and brethren, Do we even KNOW The REASON for the REASON? Let alone the reason for the season? Ask yourself, introspect yourself or as ‘Paul’ (when did his name ever get changed to Paul anyway?), said in 2 Cor. 13:5 ‘Test yourselves to see if your are in the faith; examine yourselves! Or do you not recognize this about yourselves, the Jesus Christ (not His real Name), is in you-unless indeed you fail the test?’ (Now don’t go and get your chestnuts roasted in an open fire, that doesn’t mean you and a whole lotta folks are going to hell! That’s what ‘religion’ will do to you).
So what I’d like to propose to you in this month’s article is to ask for your help and help me. IF ‘Jesus ‘ is the reason for the season’, what does that mean to you? Please e mail me as I am collecting research to see what has been taught to His Believers. I submit to you the He (‘Jesus’) came for more than one reason. (Plus He didn’t come at this time of the year, but that’s for another article, let’s just stay focused on why He Came Down.
I’ve hear d that He came to ‘Save’ me! (Not saying He didn’t come to do that)
He came to make a way for us to get to heaven… (not saying He didn’t come to do that either, although I humbly ask where in Scripture does it say we go to heaven after we die, oh, that’s right, that’s another article)
He came to Redeem The World! (Ok, can you explain more for me please?)
How many Reasons can you come up with for why He came? Based upon His Word please, No opinions matter, (not even mine)
Do you think ‘Jesus’ came to start another religion call ‘Christianity’? (If so, can you show me based upon His Word where that is?)
Do you think ‘Jesus’ (not His real name) came to set up some kind of Pre-Tribulation Rapture where you and I won’t have to suffer or go through some intense times of trials and tribulations? (If so, can you show me based upon His Word what that is?) Thanks! Cause I hope you’re right!
Do you thing ‘Jesus’ came to give you ‘Your Best Life NOW! In the year 2012? (Not knocking ole, Joel ‘O’ cause we really don’t speak words of encouragement to each other like he does and a good word of encouragement will go a looooong way, but let’s not confuse that with Truth, can you show me where my best life NOW is NOW in His Word?)

Do you think ‘Jesus’ came to begin a demonization called ‘Catholicism’, ‘Baptist’, ‘Pentecostal’, ‘Assembly of God’, ‘Methodist’, ‘non denominational’ , etc times 30,000 others? ( If so, can you please show me based upon His Word where that is?)
Do you think ‘Jesus’ came to begin a new Holiday called ‘Christmas’ where parents lie to their children all in good fun? (Yea, where is that in His Word? Oh by the way, that shouldn’t preclude giving gifts to folks or kids, do it because you want to anytime you are led, that’s call an act of kindness and love)
So, what is the Reason for the Reason He came?
There are a lot of reasons why He Came! And that truly is Good News! And the Better News is that there is more Good News the more you look! How refreshing! Long after the wrapping paper overflows the dumpsters and the credit card bills begin in January think about His disciples back when He (‘Jesus) walked the earth AFTER His resurrection! Do you know that ‘Jesus’ walked this planet for 40 days AFTER His resurrection? Don’t you think that He would have a lot to say about that and that there should be another ‘Gospel’ writer to take notes on that for us? Read Acts 1 1-3 , that’s 3 Verses, (make that your New Year’s Resolution, to read 3 verses of His Word!)
Here’s a hint on The Reason for The Reason, (not the season), read Acts 1:6. His disciples were more focused on Him Restoring The KINGDOM to Israel, (not the Jews!, Judaism is a religion that’s just as bogus as Christianity, according to yours and their Scripture)
So based upon His Word and not upon Hallmark, there is a Restoration going on, Read (Acts 3:21 as well), there is also a ‘Gathering ‘going on and it hasn’t been completed yet, there is also a manifestation of those who WANT TO bear fruit, lasting Fruit and fruit that will remain, because the tares don’t appear until the wheat does.
So what other reasons can you dig deeper in your ‘bible’ and come up with The Reason for The Reason and move past ‘The Reason for the Season’. E mail me please and let’s share as we grow!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces November 2011 by Rick Godley

Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces November 2011 by Rick Godley
The inspiration for this month’s article goes to Chrys Howard, author of many books, founder and president of ‘It’s a Mom Thing’ ( She writes a one minute feature for the radio and I help her produce them. They are encouraging bits of life issues with Scriptural insight. Recently she came up with one entitled, ‘Jigsaw Puzzles’ where her grandfather imparted some wisdom on how to begin to solve the challenge of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to recreate the original picture that comes on the box. Little did she know it at the time, but I was resonating within on the Words of Our Creator and how He instructs us to walk in obedience to His Words.
The radio vignette states that her Grandfather said to begin at the 4 corners first, then find all the straight lines to form the boundaries of the puzzle and from there, look for like colors and patterns and place them in the area where they match. Piece by piece, slowly one after another they become connected and begin to reveal the bigger picture!
Isn’t that just what The Creator (Abba-Father) does? Didn’t He send His only begotten Son ‘Jesus’ who spoke in parables?
And He taught them much in parables, and said to them in His teaching (Mark 4:2)
Mar 4:10 And when He was alone, those about Him, with the twelve, asked Him about the parable.
Mar 4:11 And He said to them, “To you it has been given to know the secret of the reign of Elohim, but to those who are outside, all are done in parables,
Mar 4:12 so that ‘seeing they see but do not perceive, and hearing they hear but do not understand, lest they should repent and return and their sins be forgiven them.’ ”
Mar 4:13 And He said to them, “Do you not understand this parable? How then shall you understand all the parables?
Is it too much to stretch, that we can say Abba-The Creators Words are like the pieces of a Jigsaw puzzle? Words that were literally spoken from The Beginning (Genesis) by The Creator.
Mat 13:34 יהושע said all this to the crowds in parables, and He did not speak to them without a parable,
Mat 13:35 so that what was spoken by the prophet might be filled, saying, “I shall open My mouth in parables, I shall pour forth what has been hidden from the foundation of the world.
Remember that ‘Jesus’ never came up with a new word or a new way, according to Him.
John 8:28 ……. I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me, I speak these things.
John 12:49-50 For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me The Instructions, what I should say, and what I should speak. And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak.
So may we say that The Original Masterpiece of the Picture of the Puzzle, the one on the cover of the box, may be found when He created it? Geneses 1? And He Himself said that it was very good!
Gen 1:31 And Elohim saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.
It was so good, that there was nothing left to do but take off and enjoy it with the Sabbath rest of day 7. It was so good that there were no missing, no corrupted, lost, bruised, or crushed pieces. Everything was in its place, fitted together to form a complete picture! All for us (the pieces) and Him(The Creator) to enjoy.
Well, we’ve all had the experience of someone being a wise guy, who comes along and corrupts our plans by tossing the whole puzzle on the floor by trying to mess us up. Remember, the pieces are His Words and the corruptor came and asked ‘Did God say?’ (Gen 3:1) and our loving Father, The Creator comes back 10 verses later asking, ‘Who told you?’ Thus begins the scattering of His Pieces and His people. And at just the right time, Abba Father, sent His Son out of the House to go and gather all the pieces to assemble the puzzle back according to His Words of Instructions.
Act 1:6: Therefore, when they had come together, they asked Him, saying, "Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?"
I thought it was interesting to see what Wickedpedia had to say about Jigsaw puzzles: “A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of numerous small, often oddly shaped, interlocking and tessellating pieces. Each piece usually has a small part of a picture on it; when complete, a jigsaw puzzle produces a complete picture. “ I found this note in their definition quite interesting as well: “Many puzzles are termed "fully interlocking". This means that adjacent pieces are connecting such that if you move one piece horizontally you move all.”
Kind of reminds you of these verses:
Eph 2:21 in whom each several building, fitly framed together, growing into a holy temple in the Lord; in whom ye also are fitted together for a habitation of God in the Spirit.
Which should take us all back to The Beginning, (after all isn’t that where the TRUE picture is), for how Abba-Father-Elohim wants us to be in His family in His Kingdom? Which should bring us back to the Words/Pieces of Abba-Father-The Puzzle Restorer who knows how we should be fitted together, read, slowly Numbers 2, the whole chapter. Now you see why the Good News went to the Tribe of Judah 1st! See again Acts 1:8, the re-assembly of the pieces instructions!
These articles are a love/hate relationship. I love to do them! Yet, I know, like my taxes are due on April 15th I hate that date! I know I need to do another article by the end of the month so I put it off till then. Yet, when I start, I love this, then the water starts flowing and it’s truly refreshing and I see that I am restricted by space and time!) Aren’t we all, there Rick? Yeah, yeah. (now I’m talking to myself!)
So, now I try to bring this to a ‘close’ so as to help you ‘open’ up to more of His Word to see that there is a WHOLE lot more then what we’ve been taught! (Please read Jeremeiah 16 19-21, because that’s why you love to go to church but leave empty and angry, we, including Pastor So-And-So has too have inherited LIES!)
So let’s frame up the puzzle according to Abba-Father-Creator-Designer, what did He say to get it back to the picture that HE created for us? So what are the corner pieces, the boundaries to form the frame, and then the pieces with like colors and patterns to Restore His puzzle?
Know 1st that I = Rick Godley is not the Master Puzzler not are you. Although sometimes we think we are. I mean, don’t we request or sometimes demand, to have an understanding of why this is happening as if we’re looking over His shoulder or He’s looking over ours as we try to piece the puzzle together; asking Him to approve what we’re doing? (I mean there are now over 7 BILLION people on this planet each with their own ‘vision’ of what they think their puzzle should look like, and YOU/I think we have it all together? Give thanks that He does!)
Ever wonder why we’re in the mess we’re in? Ever hear the phrase, ‘just to make sure we’re all on the same page?’ I submit to you that’s why we’re in the mess; the messed up jigsaw puzzle we’re in; is because we obviously ARE NOT on the same page of the Creator, The One who showed us the Picture of the Beginning, In the Beginning! We’re off making our own little puzzle pieces and asking Him if it be thy will please Bless us! What did He say?
Pro 28:9 He that turns away his ear from hearing the law (Yes that’s the Torah!!!!), even his prayer shall be abomination.
Wonder why the United States is being destroyed?
Hos 4:6 “My people have perished for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being priest for Me. Since you have forgotten the Torah of your Elohim, I also forget your children.
I have to close for this month, but the reason is, we have been taught that we don’t need His corners, nor boundaries nor colors and patterns let alone look to HIM Who spoke the Words of Instructions from the Beginning, because we have fallen for the lie that He didn’t really mean what HE said! And that His Son did away with ALL that The Father Said! That doesn’t work in your house, yet we seem to think The Creator of the Universe and MORE will tolerate my indolence. Sup WIT dat?
Tell you what, space limits me on this article, I want to go into Ordinances! Because there is a movie that’s excellent that’s capturing Amerika, called ‘Courageous’. Wherein in fathers are challenged to raise up their children according to God’s ordinances. And it’s a return to His Ordinances, but most modern day ‘christians’ won’t have a clue as to what an ordinance is! I’ll do that in next month’s article, however, please contact me if this ‘stirs’ you, time is NOT on our side and it’s NOT The Creators nor ours fault, it simply is what it is!
So; if this article ‘provokes’ you, you may call me or e mail me, my # is 381-243-4681 or e mail Rick@ May I suggest to you to look up what Scriptures says about His ordinances, Judgments and His Laws/ Torah. (Exodus 18:20, Exodus 15:26, Lev. 26:46)
Please don’t tell me that He sent His only Begotten Son to Make NEW puzzle! He Came to Gather His pieces and Restore Father’s Puzzle and Bring it ALL back into His house!!!!!
Maybe this will help you leave me and you alone as to what the other pieces are doing or not doing, after all, HE KNOWS.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is Prayer America’s only Hope? August 2011

Lately here in North Louisiana I’ve been seeing yard signs pop up with the phrase, ‘Prayer: It’s America’s only Hope’, then of course it has the Scriptural reference of II Chronicles 7:14. ‘If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.’ Can we talk here?

Is it me, or do you get the sense that ‘God’ doesn’t really care about America any more than He cares about any other ‘man made nation’ that has ever existed on His planet? Truth be known this type of sign is a tad ‘jingoistic’ no matter how religious or spiritually noble it may sound. Agree? (Feel free to disagree with an e mail to help me, if I am off base here) To drive my point home, where in Scripture does The Creator; create ‘nations and countries’? He didn’t create the nation state of Israel, He called Jacob Israel as the continuation of the promise made to Abraham, which by the way continues today (Gal 3:29)! So that means, He really doesn’t care about The Constitutional Republic called the United States of America any more than the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic or German National Socialist Party, (sounds so benign doesn’t it). Now before you get your patriotic pantaloons all twisted up in a Lee Greenwood/Kate Smith emotional frenzy; keep in mind what The Redeemer/Savior/Restorer said ‘Deny self take up that dead wood that leads to death, you know the tree of knowledge of good and evil, that one, and follow The TREE of LIFE that leads to LIFE!, take up the tree of lie and deny that one and go for Life! (Godley Amplified Version of Luke 9:23) (Which reminds me I’ll Amplify any verse of your bible to make up for the mono tone serving of stale bread we’ve been mislead to eat of for centuries, just e mail me you chapter and I’ll read it for you in a refreshing way that will line up with the plumb line of The Creators Word from the Beginning. Guaranteed! Or your money back! Cause I won’t ask you for any money in the first place! Take that you Prosperity Pimps!)
X-cuse me, I exited off the wrong ramt, err I mean ramp.
Back to our verse at hand’ is ‘prayer’ truly our only hope? Now that we have established that God can’t bless America. (Now, Rick, you know I mean His people in America!) Ok, let’s deal with that, according to your bible. Who are HIS people? You mean to tell me that they are ‘Christians’? 2 Chronicles 7:14; that verse that we quote so freely was written was written how many years before the advent of so-called ‘christianity’? Seems to me, that this verse was written during the Solomon years, if we put the verse in reverse to put it all in context; how many ‘christians’ do you know lived during that time? ZERO! (Again, feel free to e mail me if you know of something different )
Shall I continue with the verse? Are you still reading? ‘My people who are called by My Name’. What is His Name? Please don’t say Jesus Christ. We’re talking 2nd Chronicles here, not December 26. Have you ever carefully read the notes in front of your Bible? The part where they have removed ‘The Name’? You should check it out. You can’t even cash a check or check out a book from the public library without a proper ID of who you are, yet we have allowed the enemy (I refer to him as The Corruptor) of Our Creator to sanitize His Name right out of our beloved King Jimmy Bible! (Here is where I have to issue my standard statement, NO I AM not questioning yours or anyone else’s Salvation! He is Lord of the Harvest; I am not the one who says who is or who is not ‘saved’ nor is any doctrine, denomination, religion, belief system or country for that matter. You got saved the same way Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Phineas, David and our beloved Paul got saved! Cause, ‘Our God’ doesn’t change? Politicians say to vote for change don’t they? The Creator says come home to His House, which He is Restoring (Acts 1:6) (Proof again that ‘Jesus’ didn’t come to start a new religion called christianity at least according to your bible, Right? (Remember you can always e mail me!)
Before you get on the High Horse of Religion and false teachings, dare I say doctrine of demons that we have been taught ‘from the beginning’ (1 Tim. 4:1), let’s go back to our verse, Humble Yourself! That’s not me saying that, that’s The Creator. Are you humble enough to receive the facts that you and your grandparents have been lied to? (Jeremiah 16:19) Our verse is a conditional one, IF My People. So if you can’t humble yourself, then you must not be His People, is that a fair statement to make? Still reading?
Now we get to the ‘Pray’ part of our verse. I mean it’s not like God Save this mess! Have we ever been taught that possibly, just possibly, our prayers have been an abomination to Abba Father? (Gasp!) Please read Proverbs 28:9 and let me know your thoughts on that verse.
And!! One of the biggest words in our Bibles along with IF, AND, OR, BUT! How many times have we sped read over them? AND seek My Face is still part of the verse. Whose face are we seeking? A lot might say, I’m seeking Jesus, cause He is the Answer. Jesus is the Reason for the Season, etc. Well, what did ‘Jesus’ say? If you’ve seen me you’ve seen the Father, and didn’t they both speak FROM THE BEGINNING? (Not December 26th, 0000) So why don’t we want to seek His Face and what He said IN THE BEGINNING? Why is it that we want to see what ‘Paul has to say and then regurgitate what misinformation we have been taught on what ‘Paul’ meant when he said what he said?
‘And Turn from their wicked ways’. You mean we are wicked? Yes! Can one be wicked and in The Kingdom? Of course! What does wicked mean? Look it up and confirm it means, twisted. What we have been taught has twisted our roots, should I say wicked our roots. Thus preventing us from crossing over to a better ‘land/soil’ to soil # 4 where we can produce more fruit, 30-60-100! (Not mammon! You prosperity pimps stay away!) That’s 30-60-100 fruit that has The SEED in them to grow the cycle again! After all didn’t The Creator want man to be in His Garden in the first place? By the way, just where do you think ‘Jesus’ was talking about when He said I go to prepare a place for you (John 14:12)? Ahhh, back to the Garden, Hello! Is it at this time you are Restoring the Kingdom to Israel, (Acts 1:6), His boys wanted to know. After His resurrection! Proving once again He didn’t come to start a new religion called ‘christianity’.
THEN I will hear. THEN I will hear…. IF we do all that He said before the THEN! Then He will hear! We ain’t doing it here in America. Right? So then, why is ‘prayer America’s ONLY hope? Do you want to know what the only Hope is? Read Deuteronomy 5, 6 and 7 and then you’ll see. Want to survive? Pay especially close attention to Deut 6 24 & 25. You’ll get insight on how to ‘survive’ and how you get to be righteous. ‘And the LORD commanded us to do all these statutes, to fear the LORD our God, for our good always, that he might preserve us alive, as it is at this day. And it shall be our righteousness, if we observe to do all these commandments before the LORD our God, as he hath commanded us.’
I don’t see ‘prayer’ as the only hope in there. I do see a lot of action in the form of ‘doing what He says’. Notice verse 24 is packed. How many times have we heard or spoken, ‘We need the Fear Of God! Or , ‘We’ve lost the Fear of God’ in this country! May I ask, when did we ever have it as it related to verse 24? Again, please feel free to e mail your thoughts and comments.
By the way, those signs? Cost $20 for one with quantity discounts. Hmmmmm.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You can control your stress level!

Note: I can't take credit for this, I didn't write it. It came as an e mail, but I felt it worth sharing.

The True Meaning of Stress

Accept the fact that some days you're the pigeon,

and some days you're the statue.

A stress management counselor addressing an audience holding a glass of water. Everyone knew she was going to ask the ultimate question, 'half empty or half full?' She fooled them, smiled and said,

"How heavy is this glass of water?"

Answers were called out, "8 oz. to 20 oz."

She replied, "The weight really doesn't matter. It depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it for a minute, that's not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my arm. If I hold it for a day, my arm would feel broken. In each case it's the same weight, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it seems."

"And that's the way it is with stress. If we carry our burdens

24/7, sooner or later, as the burden becomes

increasingly heavy, we won't be able to carry on."

"As with the glass of water, you have to put it down for a while and rest before holding it again. When we're refreshed and rested, we can carry on with the burden - holding stress longer and better each time practiced.

Therefore, everyday as early in the evening as you can, put all your burdens down; don't carry them through the evening and into the night ... you can pick them up again tomorrow if you must.

Are you carrying burdens? Relax, put them down, pick them up later.

It may be that your sole purpose in life is

to serve as a warning to others.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

If I ever lead a 'Bible' study, these are the 'Ground Rules' as of 6/8/11

Cave of Abdullam Bible Study Ground Rules (1 Sam22:2) as of June 7, 2011
1) Be a Berean (Acts 17:10-11) Act 17:10 And the brothers immediately sent Paul and Silas away by night to Berea. They, when they arrived, went into the synagogue of the Jews. Act 17:11 And these were more noble than those of Thessalonica, in that they received the Word with all readiness of mind and searched the Scriptures daily to see if those things were so.
2Co 13:5 Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Or do you not realize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you?--unless indeed you fail to meet the test!

2) If Jesus could reveal Himself out of Moses and ALL the prophets of Scripture, so should we. (Luke 24:27) Luke 24:27 And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.
3) If we want to know the END, where should we go to find out? According to The Creators Word? THE BEGINNING!
(Isaiah 46 9-10) Remember former things from forever; for I am God, and no other is God, even none like Me, Isa 46:10 declaring the end from the beginning, and from the past things which were not done, saying, My purpose shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure;
4) We now look at Scriptures as an Agricultural Book & A Military Manual, not a Theological, Denominational, Religious book.
5) The Most Important Parable, According to Jesus is Mark 4 and Matthew 13. Jesus said, if you don’t understand this one, how are you going to understand the others!
6) We have Inherited Lies and Falsehood in religion, things that don’t profit us anything. (Jeremiah 16 19-21) Jer 16:19 O LORD, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit. Shall a man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods? Therefore, behold, I will this once cause them to know, I will cause them to know mine hand and my might; and they shall know that my name is The LORD.
7) His Name is not LORD. (see the front of your bible)
8) Two Fundamental Questions we always ask:
a. Did God Say? (Gen 3:1)
b. Who Told You? (Gen 3:11)
9) There is only The Creator and The Corruptor; There are only 2 seeds, there are only 2 Trees Names in the Garden and The Creator didn’t plant the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

10) Jesus didn’t come to start Christianity. (Acts 1:6)
a. Or any other ‘religion’ for that matter

11) When it comes to The Word you are reading right in front of you: Believe what you read don’t read what you believe!
a. Re read the above 3 times slowly
b. Still doubt, then go to Item 8
12) Who is the Teacher?
a. Rick Godley? NO!!!!
b. Your Pastor? NO!!!!
c. Your Denomination? Doctrine? Dogma? NO!!!!
d. The Holy Spirit
i. 1 Cor. 2 esp.v 13, Luke 12:12, John 14:26
ii. Exodus 4 12-15
iii. Deut 4:1
iv. Psalm 25:8, 27:11, 32:8, 86:11, 119:12,
13) Who are we? Ordinary Unschooled men….(Acts 4:13)
a. Don’t need no stinkin’ seminary degree for pin headed theology (see rule 12)

Who ever said Conspiracy was a Theory in the 1st Place?

Who said Conspiracy is a Theory? By: Rick Godley Rick@

Ever play a word association game? That’s where one person says a word, and you say the word of the first thing that comes to your mind, revealing thought patterns, stuff that we’ve been programmed to say. I say Dog; you may say Cat. I say Lord, and you may say Jesus. Or I say candy, and you may say Snickers.

What if I say conspiracy? Would you immediately say theory? A lot would. I wonder why. Is it because we have heard those two words used together so many times that we start to believe that all conspiracies are theories? And if you believe in conspiracy’s, you are labeled a kook or fanatic making it seem as if you believe in something that isn’t real.

What does the Word of God say about conspiracies? Have you ever stopped to think about it? First of all, I looked in the dictionary to see if the word theory was the word that followed conspiracy, and it doesn’t. Conspire means to breath the same air, as inspire means to inhale, aspire to breathe upon, expire you take your last breathe, and perspire to breathe through. The root word “spire” is where we get Spirit.

Psalm 2 is an ominous Psalm. In it you’ll find references to the United Nations, the ACLU, prophetic warnings about the coming judgment, John 3:16, and the anger of Jesus just to name a few. There is so much packed in just 12 verses!

In Psalm 2, we are introduced to the reality of conspiracy. In verse 2, depending upon what mistranslation you use, you see something like, “the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against His Messiah saying…” They are conspiring! The enemies of the Messiah are breathing the same air! Sound familiar?

Matt 12:14 says, “But the Pharisees went out and conspired against Him (The Messiah), as to how they might destroy Him. Since a student is not above His teacher, we can see how the disciples went through the process. Look up Acts 9:1. A funny way to say it is, “Now Saul, still breathing threats and murders against the disciples of Messiah…” I find it interesting that it says “breathing”.

What happened to Saul when He found out that his religion was misguided and that The Scriptures is Truth in its Pure and Simple Way? He repented of his religious zeal and followed Torah in its purest Way, the Way His Messiah showed Him personally.

Notice the seed we sow is the seed we reap. Saul breathed out threats and murders, and they were breathed back on him in Acts 20:3. “And he spent 3 months when a plot was formed against him.”

So we see The Messiah always had a conspiracy against Him. His disciples did as well. And even the “Cliff Note commentator on the Torah” himself, Saul/Paul, did too.

How about you?

Take a stand for Truth (in the way Scriptures defines Truth), and watch the conspiracy develop around you. When this happens, know that you are in good company. It seems to me that Joseph had a group of brothers that breathed the same air as well and conspired against him. Yet, Yah meant it for good!

I have plenty more verses, and I welcome the ones you find. Please, e-mail me what you find as we share. Because in this day and age, a lot of things don’t seem to add up, and when you present Truth, you are smeared, slandered, talked about, (but never to your face) and labeled. That kind of sheds light on the count it all joy verses when you fall into manifold trials etc. It does also the “hey, watch you talking bout Willard verses”, of Matt 5:11.

Here’s just a smattering of the conspiracy verses found in Scripture. If they are in the Book of Truth, can they be a Theory? I don’t think so.

Ps. 26:20, 31:20, 37:12 105:25, all of Psalm 64, 74:8, 41:7, 2 Chron. 24:21, Ezek. 22:25, Matt. 22:15

So as you aspire to inspire until you expire, continue to perspire, and let them conspire because you stand for the Truth! Conspiracy is no theory; it’s a fact. Remember, Truth is Hate to those who hate the Truth.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Spiritual Chemtrails

Spiritual Chemtrails June 2011

In the beginning we read about The Creator and The Corruptor. One restores, one destroys. There is The Tree of Life and the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. Each Tree comes from a seed. According to ‘Jesus’, The Seed is The Word (Luke 8:11). So would it be correct to equate words with seeds? No matter if the words come from the Creator or the Corruptor? After all in the beginning words were spoken by The Father of Truth and the father of lies correct. Words that if obeyed either led to Life or words if obeyed led to death. So far it seems pretty simple. Sorry to get so rudimentary, but as ‘Jesus’ said, we have to become as children to enter the Kingdom. Yet, let’s face it we have become so confused by all the words/seeds we have received that we either think we are so spiritually wise; when in fact we are so Scripturally illiterate and full of pride and stupidity we can see Truth when it’s standing right in front of us! (John 18:38).
It all comes down to two fundamental questions asked ‘In the Beginning’.
1) ‘Who told you?’ (Gen 3:11)
2) ‘Did God say?’ (Gen 3:11)
Words are Seeds. Who spoke the words that ‘you think you believe’ and are building your faith upon? Who told you? Did God say? See the trouble has been that we of the Christian persuasion have not been like our ‘new’ testament brothers of Acts 17:11. You know the ones who lived in this town called Berea, 90210? They were nobler than those Jersey Shore folks who lived in Thessalonica N.J. 07434. You see the folks in Berea, heard the word/seeds that were trying to be planted or should I say supplanted in them and then they combed not their DA’s, but combed those words/seeds through Scriptures DAILY! They didn’t wait till Pastor TwistTruth ministered the profaned word on SUNday morning or evening or even Wednesday night, to see if it was so! You see, they were those that Rabbi Paul commended his student, Timothy to be, in 2 Tim 2:15, study to show YOURSELF, a workman, approved unto The Creator, (not your pastor, bishop, reverend, right reverend, pope, mother Helen, etc) but to The Creator rightly dividing the Word (Seed) of Truth. You see when they train bank tellers to spot counterfeits, they don’t study forgery’s they focus on the genuine, so that if and when a forgery counterfeit comes their way, they know it right away. They rightly divide the real from the fake!
So again, I ask you to (2 Cor 3:15), ‘Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith.
Test yourselves! Or do you not realize this about yourselves that The Messiah is in you? Unless
Indeed you fail the test!’ Please read your bible/Scripture from the Beginning as a mirror and not a magnifying glass or telescope to look at others through.

By the time you read this article, the events of the world will be shaking up a lot of things. Funny, we don’t take Dad’s Words (Seeds) as Truth. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. EVERYTHING that can be shaken will be shaken! Everything means everything, and that means your faith and my faith, the foundation that you are standing on. See Hebrews 12. Again, the ‘holy spirit’ sieve you should put over yourselves in this hour is, ‘Who told you? And Did God say?’

Notice the many winds blowing these days? Doesn’t “Paul’ tell us, 1st the natural then the Spiritual? (1 Cor 15:46) Naturally in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Joplin Missouri? Have you read Proverbs 1 lately? We can’t blame The Creator on this stuff, we can only blame ourselves because we didn’t want to receive His Words so because of our actions, ‘Whirlwinds’ follow? Can’t blame The Creator, He gave us the Words that lead to Life, Promise and Blessing, when followed. The only other option is not to accept His Words/Seeds, but to receive the words/seeds of the Corruptor whose mission is to steal kill and destroy. Can it be any more evident?

So what’s blowing around these days? How windy has it been where you live lately? Here in North Louisiana, my wife and I have noticed that it seems like the wind is blowing almost every day. Now it’s still getting hotter, but the wind is blowing. How many references of the wind can you find in your bible? Doesn’t the wind blow to check the foundation of the House in Matt 7? How about in Acts 27 when the winds were contrary? In the book of James, he admonishes us to beware the winds of doctrine that are blowing. Again, Who told you and did God say?

Maybe Bob Dylan was right, when he penned Blowing in the Wind in 1963. The answer is blowing in the wind. Who told you and did God say?
The Creator wants us in His Garden eating off the Tree of Life. The corruptor wants us to continue to bear mixed fruit of good and evil. Rick? What’s wrong with bearing good from the tree of good and evil? IT’S THE WRONG TREE! You have received the wrong words into the soil of your souls. (Remember we are all dirt). The corruptor has sown seeds of corruption from the beginning and we are seeing the fruit of that. He is also in charge o the world force and air force. (Luke 4: 5-7, Eph 6:12).

I don’t know if you have ever studied the ‘cloud formations’ over your head. You have the natural created by Our Creator and then you have those corrupted by the corruptor. (See his problem is that he CAN’T create, he can only imitate and then add to or take away from and thus distorting the Real, leaving the counterfeit).

Watch the skies over you. What’s blowing? Many doctrines these days. Who told you? Did God say? Remember the advisory of The Creator is out to corrupt the seed, the soil and the air. The Seed are Words. The soil is your soul. And the air is the air. Watch what you are taking in, in these days of shaking.

Remember the words that came out of The Creators mouth were wind animated by sound, likewise from the corruptor. Want to know a soil/soul check up? What words are coming out of your mouth? Do they minister Life? Or were they sown by the corruptor? Just sayin…

How’s your breathing with praying coming along? See last months article.
Need help? E mail me.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Could it be the Air in Prayer? May 2011

I have a hypothesis that I am not ready to reveal at this time, yet this article is a trial balloon to ‘test the spirits’ as it were, (1 John 4:1) to see if the Ruach (Holy Spirit) is working with some of you on this topic. Thus I’m looking for the independent confirmation of 2 or 3 witnesses to establish Truth (Num. 35:30, Deu 17:6-7, Deu 19:15, Mat 18:16) (Side note: Ever wonder why Jesus was always quoting Deuteronomy? End of side note, back to article.)
Ever wonder why your/our prayers are not being answered? And I don’t mean the prayer of Jabez, ‘Gimme gimme gimme, my name is Jimmy’. I’m talking about the ‘this one comes out by prayer and fasting’ kind of prayer. The prayer which kicks down the gates of hell to set another captive free kind of prayer, (Matt 16 18-19). The kind of prayer that unbinds The Fathers Hands, and unbinds us because we just might have the keys to do it. Go back and slowly Matt 16:19!
I’ve been listening to Brad Scott’s teaching, “As the Days of a Tree…” which I recommend ( As we grow in our ‘unlearning’ and are being recalibrated and cleansed from the bad seeds of dogma, doctrine, and lotsa of other garbage that have been sown into the soils of our soul, and get a glimpse of a Tree as being ‘an object lesson’ ‘power-point’, ‘illustrated sermon’ from Dad what do we see the most on a tree? Leaves! Now I know that we have a tendency to maybe want to be one who is a ‘Branch Teacher’ or a ‘Trunk Teacher’ and even some of us have been tantalized with the ‘Sod’ level, the roots which we cannot see, the really deep stuff. The deep mysterious level is a very dangerous place to be for one who is not prepared.
Would you agree with me, that we all have some inflated view of ourselves whereby, we’ll think we’re passed that ‘leaf level’ and need to move on to the more important stuff. When in fact, it’s the leaves that The Father pushes in our face every where we turn, like saying, get this! I’ll let you know when you ready to move to the twig level. Fuggetabout the deep stuff! (Godley Amplified Version of How The Father talks). Joh 16:12 "I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. “ So would you agree that sometime the most obvious things we need to learn quite possibly are right there in front of our face, and yet we don’t see it?
Maybe this is a hint to one of the missing ingredients in your personal and all of us as a ‘body’s
prayer life. That there is something so fundamental that we’ve never thought of that’s been right
there the whole time. Let me, reiterate, I cannot say unequivocally that I have this key, I am in
the process of digging more into it. Based upon The Word of Yah. From The Beginning. Please
get me feedback as well from your prayer life and study time. Let’s face it, most of us are in the
searching and digging . Yahshua saith unto them, “Have ye understood all these things? They
say unto him, Yea, Master. Mat 13:52 Then said he unto them, Therefore every scribe which is
instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which brings
forth out of his treasure things new and old. Brad Scott recently said, ‘I want you all to become
old men on the beach with metal detectors, looking for gems in beach of The Scriptures. Doesn’t
that excite you.? ‘It is the glory of Elohim to conceal a matter but the glory of Kings to search out a matter.’ (Proverbs 25:1)
So allow me to drop some nuggets I’ve found recently. I don’t have enough to make a ‘graceful wreathe on my head or a chain around my neck. (Proverbs 1:9) Another note, if you haven’t put into your tool box for digging, a copy of E-Sword, that is complete with the Hebrew translations and paleo translations, please do so. It will open up your understanding immensely. Rico makes them free and I know E-sword is a free download, yet Rico has put so much more on his program, you really need to see the original words and it’s concrete meanings.

When the disciples asked The Master, ‘Lord teach us to pray’, it wasn’t like they didn’t know how to pray. They never heard of prayer before. They ALL knew about prayer. Yet, they asked ‘Jesus’ teach us to pray. Obviously He was either doing something different or saying something different from the norm, they hadn’t seen or heard before.

What did Jesus say? Our Father who are in heaven. Have you have looked up the word heaven in the Hebrew? It’s the word ‘shamayim’, in the ancient Hebrew is this: The wind, or breath, of someone or something is its character. We have all heard this one, ‘Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.’ (Psalm150). What is the first gift The Creator imparted to man?
Gen 2:7 And Yahweh Elohim formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his
nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

What is it that you need the most? Food? You can live without food for a while. Water? Same. House? Wal-Mart? Internet? Try not breathing for just 60 seconds.

Remember, all things were created in the beginning, and the pattern of creation is like kind produces like kind, with the seed being in the fruit and the fruit creating the same seed so it will create more of the same fruit. Apple trees come from apple seeds, they don’t evolve from anything. Organges produce orange seeds which produce more oranges. And didn’t Paul tell us 1st the natural then the spiritual? (I Cor 15) So the pattern is the same.

The very fact that I breathe means that, that Breath of Life originally breathed in to Adam in Genesis 2 is still going! I don’t read where Our Father had to take a 2nd breath or inhaled again and again. If we are to offer up our first fruits to Him as gratitude, is it possible that we are not offering up our Breathing as we pray? I’ve heard it said in my past, control your breathing and you’ll control your life. What happened when you get excited or angry or emotional, we move into what’s called high breathing, gasps.

Have you ever looked up the word, spirit in Hebrew? Ruach, you see it’s wind, breath. Winds that follow a prescribed path each season. One who follows a prescribed path to arrive at a specific destination? Hmmmm? Now do a word search on Spirit in your proverbs and you see all sorts of things, Pro 18:14 The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear? Pro 25:28 He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls. Pro 1:23 Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you. Pro 15:4 A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit. Just to name a few. Remember when the sons of Thunder wanted to nuke Samaria because they didn’t want to receive Yahshua? (kind of like all of us when we came out and wanted to toast the church), what did The Master say? Ahhh, Rick, James, John and all of y’all, you don’t know what manner of spirit your of. (Luke 9)

I have to wrap up this month’s article, but watch your breath in the next month. Why did Jesus breath on them? Joh 20:22 And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Spirit: and it wasn’t even the 2nd chapter of Acts yet? How does that happen?

Remember as the deer what? Pants! For the water brooks, so my soul pants for you Oh Yah! I’d say that’s intense breathing. Read Psalm 119: 108, 131.

Let me close with this: Psa 5:1 A Psalm of David. Give ear to my words, O Yahweh, consider my meditation. Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King, and my Elohim: for unto thee will I pray. My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Yahweh; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.

So watch your breathing in the coming days. You think you own them? I got more information that just may be a key into our prayer lives! A hint, there is a language on earth that has been preserved for thousands of years and it has amazingly resemblances to Hebrew. This language has been undefiled and unpolluted and thus it may have some keys for us!

Please e mail me your thoughts and results

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rick's A Roux April 2011

Rick’s a Roux April 2011
Here in Louisiana there’s a term called Roux, pronounced ‘Roo’, and is defined as a cooked mixture of wheat flour and fat, traditionally clarified butter. It is used as a thickener for gravy, other sauces, soups and stews and especially gumbo. Ask any Cajun or Redneck who makes the best ‘Roux’ and it’s gonna be their Momma’s or their Grandma’s che. And no two Roux’s are made the same.
By now I usually get a theme for a monthly article, but it seems like this month I got a bunch of ingredients/ideas thrown my way. So I’ll mix em all up and serve it up to you and let’s see what comes out. Keep I mind, a Roux is a recipe that happens as we go along, so be prepared for random thoughts that pop out of nowhere as I write.
Is it only me or does anyone feel for the Japanese in a way that they are being used by Our Father almost like an Irwin Allen movie of what’s to come? Likewise, I am tired of folks that are so proud in their religion that they think this is a judgment upon those heathen/pagan people. As if the ‘religion’ of America is the one and only one, you know, we got it, they don’t. They should have had the same ‘god’ we have and it wouldn’t have happened. Sheesh! What about the ‘heart of The Creator’ whose heart is that NONE should perish. Ever think it’s man’s religion that sends more people to H-E-double hockey sticks than Our Father? Like the USA is gonna be exempt from a Supreme Being Kick in the Butt! Now we got 3 unjust wars going on the global stage and more bloodletting on our soil than ever before. How can a ‘lawless’ government conduct a lawful war? Whoa Rick, getting a little too spicy here, cut back on the cayenne. Folks may not want to taste the final product.
Right, but still ya gotta feel for the Japanese. It’s not totally their fault. ‘As in the days of Noah’… Oh Father please bless them with some sense of understanding, and while you’re at it, shed some of it our way as well.
Last month I received some nice feedback on the 5 types of fools Our Father wants us to know about and beware of. There is so much more on that topic, especially in these waning days. Just yesterday while reading one of the 5 or 6 books I’m currently reading! (How many you got going right now, besides the Scriptures? Tell you mine if you e mail me yours?)
1) The Tares Among the Wheat Brad Scott 2)The Messiah by Todd D. Bennett 3) The Principle of the See Brad Scott 4) What Jesus Taught in Secret by Max Freedom Long 5) Enmity Between the Seeds Bill Cloud I also recommend anything by author Bill Forstchen, who wrote ‘One Second After’ and no it ain’t a stinkin pre tribulation rapture book.
Add a little mixture in the roux for your own flava. Anyway, what got me on another ingredient, is Brad Scott’s ‘The Principle of the Seed’, if you don’t read your Scriptures like an agricultural book then you are missing out on the simpler yet more profound Truths Our Father has Hidden in plain sight! Basically this Life Saga is a battle of Words. The Creators Words that lead to LIFE and the The Corruptors that lead to death (not hell!) So you have Truth, the Good Seed, The Wheat, The Word of Our Father, which is His Son and both are Echad! And you have everything else, which amounts to the False, the corrupted seed, that looks good (remember Eve saw the fruit was pleasing to the eye), The Tare = Weed, the word of the other father, ha-satan, old scratch, the bad guy. So I looked up the word FALSE in my e-Sword. ( You do have e-sword don’t you? If not why not? It’s free and you can get it now from Rico Cortes with the complete original paleo Hebraic meanings) I mean why even bother to discuss what a verse means in English if we don’t have clue to what that Word meant when He spoke it in His Language? Anyway once you do, you’ll find there are 5 meanings to the word FALSE! Once you understand this, you’ll understand why they had to find two false witnesses against The Messiah. (Matt 26:60) Yet read verse 59, they looked pretty hard to find 2! Worked again in Acts 6:13 And it will work against you and me much to our dismay, if we are not learned. (This could very well be an article unto itself.)
One last thought before some other article ingredients that came to me since the last time we visited. Have you ever seen the movie ‘The Great Escape’? Made in 1963 with Steve McQueen? I have to confess that once I saw where the freedom was for me in Torah, I felt like I escaped the barbed wire of whatever denomination I was in and then when I was free I stood up yelling at them in the camp that they were stupid for being there! I knew the way out and they didn’t. I am sorry for doing this. Where are you in the tunnel? We are all part of the body. There are planners, there are diggers, there are singers, there are dirt movers etc, you get my point. Let’s find our place in the tunnel and help others get to the safety of the ‘Trees’. This has a lot of possibilities for an article on it’s own. Go watch the movie, it’s awesome, notice they won’t make another like it. Can’t destroy the original…
Lastly, and you might could help me on this one, did you know Sting was a Torah teacher? How many remember the group, ‘The Police’? They wrote a song ‘DE DOO DOO DE DA DA DA ‘, for some reason every time I come across verses in my Scriptures about how blessings come to those who ‘Do Them’ that song pops off in my mind. Send me the ‘Do’ verses you come across and I’ll get you in my next article. For example, ‘All those Doing them have good understanding’ Psalm 111:30.
What are you Doing?
Finally, why do we have great Truth/Torah teachers come to speak with us if we don’t Do what they say?
Rico Cortes has the best teaching on the Amidah and the Siddur I have ever heard. It too is free, let me know if you need it. Then I’ll ask you, are you Doing it? If not, Why not? (Mark 11:25)
Let all that simmer till next month. Things should heat up between now and then. Oh yeah, the next person who tells me, ‘Hey I read the last chapter, we win!’ You know that’s like saying to all those sailors who were still tapping the hull days after Pearl Harbor while the USS Arizona was in less than 20 feet of water, Don’t worry boys, I know the future, and we win in 1945!’
By the way, I invite you all to check out some of the radio interviews I do, sometimes you hear Truth where you least expect it, I’m always open to feedback and thoughts.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I ‘pethı̂y’ the fool!

Rick Godley March 2011
Read the title again. It’s not a typographical error. Matter of fact it’s the Hebrew word for one of 5 fools describes in your bible. I keep retreating that a discipline that someone wiser than me advised me to incorporate into my daily behavior was to read one proverb a day and 5 psalms as day. That way at the end of each month you will have ingested the Heart of the Creator, since David wrote most of the Psalms and the Wisdom as well since Solomon wrote most of the Proverbs, then next month, DO IT AGAIN! Well after about almost 20 years of cycling round and round, I see more and more, as Abba Father reveals more and more. You see, if one doesn’t show him or her self a workman approved unto Him, why should He disperse any more of this valuable Truth? As Jack Nicholson said in one of his movies, ‘You can’t handle The Truth’ and in a way didn’t The Messiah say that to the Sons of Thunder in Luke 9:55?
I had heard once long ago about the 5 types of ‘fools’ in the Proverbs and the topic has been prodding me to dig deeper. The person who had introduced me to the topic was Bill Gothard and his Basic life Principles back in the mid-90’s while part of a local church of Christ, go figure… never know where the nuggets are hidden. Nevertheless, I am grateful for all the events, people, teachings and yes even New testament Christianity that paved the bumpy road to get me to where I am today. ( I am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger. A good song to google when you get a chance)
But don’t ‘Pithy’ me, Every Now and then there’s a Fool such as I, hmmm, nother song. This time written by Bill Trader. That’s what you get when you ask a DJ to write some words in an article. A jumbo of Scripture and songs from many decades mixed in the roux of a gray matter called a brain. Back to the Fool!
Why is this important to you the believer? Well there are some fools that you are to totally avoid! Did you know that? May I suggest that if you haven’t downloaded a copy of E-Sword on your computer then you may be waterskiing over your Scriptures and not getting to some deeper meanings that could help you avid some time wasters and pot-holes in your daily walk with Abba, Our Father. (You can download a copy here Once you do that you will take a big step in proving you are a serious student, studying to show yourself a workman approved unto Dad. (2Tim2:15)
The 5 fool categories are as follows: a ‘Pethiy’ fool. One who is seducible, and simple, implies extreme vulnerability, literally meaning ‘to be opened up’. He lacks discernment, opens his or her mind to any passing thought, he’s easily captivated by all kinds of enticements and deceptions. Dangerously immature, extremely gullible and intensely curious. Left alone without instruction or discipline he will move in the wrong direction, vulnerable to seduction and moral failure. Anyone we know? Mirror, mirror on the wall….
Then there’s the ‘silly fool’ or ‘Eviyl fool’. He’s perverse, his mouth gets him in trouble. When things go wrong for him, he becomes angry which results in more damage. He believes his own way of thinking is right, so much so that he reacts to instruction when offered. ‘The Fear of the Yah is the beginging of wisdom; but a fool’s wrath (eviyl) is heavier than them both’ Pvb 1:7. This word appears 25 times in Scripture. Argument, persuasion and advice from well meaning friends generally fail to convince this type fool. More often than not proper correction from authorities and public shame get his attention. (see Pvbs: 7:22 and 29:9)
Up till now, these 2 types of fools have hope and one can actually have a relationship with them as well as be one from time to time. (Did I actually say that?)
The next 3 types of fools are ones that you might want to stay away from. If you don’t want to get corrupted in your walk. The Sensual Fool, or ‘K’siyl’ is described as ‘fat’ or stupid’. He seems determined to make the wrong choices not because of a mental deficiency, but rather flat our rejects the wisdom of God. The sensual fool’s focus is on that which brings him immediate pleasure, glories in that which should bring shame. This fool’s mouth gets him in even more trouble than the Pithy fool. Matter of fact he’s downright unreasonable. Our Bible gives is far more warning on this type of fool, 70 times, than all the other types of fools. He should be avoided or should I say, his tendencies should be avoided because he leads people astray. The prescription for correction is severe punishment. ‘A companion of fools (k’siyl) shall be destroyed’ Pvb 13:20, Eeeek!
The next 2 type fools should be avoided at all costs. If you see any bit of yourself in these, please take the stronghold down in your soul and kick this sukka out! The Scorning fool, or ‘loots/Lutz, is a baaaaad boy. He rejects Truth and embraces that which is abominable. Want to meet him? Read Psalm 1:1. He’s scorning, got a bad attitude towards other, derisive in behavior and speech. Doesn’t hear a rebuke, Pvb 13:1, 14:6. Gotta drive out the scoffer, Pvb 22:10. There’s 27 verse on this bad boy. All worth looking up.
Finally, the most dangerous type of fool is the Steadfast Fool, or ‘Nabal’, a flat out wicked and vile person. He totally rejects The Creator and His Ways. Meet him in Pslam 14:1. You will shudder. You should shudder. It’s his goal to draw as many others into his evil ways. Do not even think you can begin to handle this fool. You would be a fool. There are 18 verses that describe him, I would advise you look them up and avoid at all costs.
Hopefully you can glean the depth of this issue. There is so much more.
How long will you love simplicity, simple ones? And will scorners delight in their scorning? And will fools hate knowledge? Turn at my warning; behold, I will pour out my Spirit to you; I will make my words known to you. Because I called, and you refused; I stretched out my hand, and no one paid attention; but you have despised all my advice, and would have none of my warning. I also will laugh at your trouble; I will mock when your fear comes; when your fear comes as a wasting away, and your ruin comes like a tempest when trouble and pain come upon you. Then they shall call upon me, and I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me; instead they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of Jehovah. They would have none of my counsel; they despised all my correction, and they shall eat the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own desires. For the turning away of the simple kills them, and the ease of fools destroys them. But whoever listens to me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil. (Proverb 1: 22-33)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dr. T.J. Eckleburg by Rick Godley

Dr. T.J. Eckleburg By Rick Godley January 2011
You ever get the sensation that someone is watching you? Over you? Waxing nostalgic is one of my hobbies that my mind takes. Looking back, thinking back over my life I can now see clearer the Hand of God and the Eyes of Our Father, when at the time I didn’t have a clue. Praise Him Halleluyah!
The analogy I tell folks prior to ‘my personal Scriptural enlightenment from The Creator of the Universe’ is like an airplane flying around in the dark. When the plane makes its decent to the runway, what happens? The blue lights come on thereby illuminating the runway to direct the plane to a safe landing. Now at age 55, I can see the blue lights of my past that Our Father was trying to guide me in for a safe landing. I bet you have plenty of those moments/incidents if you stop to think about it. One day remind me to tell you about the Viet Nam war protest in New York City in 1973, when there were over 5,000+ anti war veterans in the streets, and one ‘Jesus Freak’ pull me over to talk Jesus with me….(Blue Light, Rick, come in for a landing) When he told me about Jesus, I truly did feel ‘something’ inside, yet, I opted for anger in the streets that day.
Recently another Blue light went off in my mind. Back around the same year, I read and watched the movie, ‘The Great Gatsby’. Basically it’s a pretty depressing novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. However there was one character in the book and the movie that never left me. ‘Dr. T.J. Eckleburg’
Dr. Eckleburg didn’t run with the East Egg folks on Long Island, not make the big parties, nor gallivant into New York City with the other gadfly’s. We are introduced to Dr. T.J. Eckleburg in the second chapter this way, ‘But above the gray land and the spasms of bleak dust which drift endlessly over it, you perceive, after a moment, the eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg. The eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg are blue and gigantic-their retinas are one yard high. They look out of no face, but instead, from a pair of enormous yellow spectacles which pass over a non-existent nose…. But his eyes, brood on over the solemn dumping ground. The valley of ashes is bounded on one side by a small foul river… (1)
Dr. T.J. Eckleburg is a billboard for an oculist overlooking a garbage dump in Queens. In a couple of more paragraphs, Fitzgerald describes him this way as ‘under Doctor Eckleburg persistent stare.’
Now I ask you: why Our Father would allow this fictional character to make such an impression on me that I would never ever forget Dr. T.J. Eckleburg? To the extent I would bring his name up along the way since 1974 and folks would say ‘Who?’ (Blue Light, Rick, Land here!)
I now know why. Many years ago, someone wise than me told me to read one Proverb a day, since there were 31 of them, and you’ll know the wisdom of The Creator, and if you want to know the Heart of the Father, read what the man after God’s own heart (David) wrote! Since he wrote most of the Psalms, and they’re 150 of them, read 5 a day. Then after a month, cycle back around and do it again. I ask you, what discipline you have to show yourself a work man or woman, approved unto God, rightly dividing His Word? You better get a discipline or else you’re wasting time and not redeeming it!
Well, guess what? I found out who is watching over you and me! And it’s not in an allegorical billboard called Dr. T. J. Eckleburg! ( A note to readers, I will not list chapter and verse from Scriptures, if you want their references, e mail me and I’d be happy to share them). A quick perusal through my Proverbs, and you’ll see a funny pair of eyes and eyeglasses crudely drawn by me or initials such as Dr. T.J. ‘For the ways of a man are before the eyes of YHWH and He watches all his cycles of Life.’ ‘The eyes of The Creator in every place, watching the evil and the good.’ Every place means every place! ‘The eyes of YHWH preserve knowledge but He overthrows the words of the treacherous man.’
Some in Psalms, ‘The eyes of The Lord are toward the righteous and His ears are open to their cry.’ How does He define Righteous? ‘Behold the eye of the LORD is on those who Fear Him.’ How can we say we need to have the fear of the Lord restored when we never even know where the concept comes from? ‘He who planted the ear, does He not hear? He who formed the eye does He not see?’ Guess that throws the ‘theory’ of evolution out the window.’
Finally one of my favorites that also has stuck with me since I began to study His Word. ‘For the eyes of YHWH run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is perfect towards Him.’ Re-read that one. Yah is actually looking for someone back and forth He runs his eyes to see if there is someone here on this earth whose heart is perfect towards Him so that He might show up and show out! What a concept!
Now you get the gist of the article. We are being watched over, and it’s not by a lifeless billboard in a fictional novel called Dr. T.J. Eckleburg who by the way watched over a gehenna like garbage dump and a lot of death and debauchery. Prophetic for us in this hour?
Do some serious searching of yourself and His Word, get the red out and read it. Show yourself to be a workman approved unto Him rightly dividing His Words. What blue lights of your past come to mind now that you’ve read this article? I’d love to hear your story and share with others. We all know His eye is on the sparrow yet sometimes, we think He forgets about us and can’t find us.
He knows, rest assured, He knows. Make His eyes smile and glisten with obedience.

‘Please don’t squeeze the Charmin.

‘Please don’t squeeze the Charmin. By Rick Godley February 2011

What does Mr. Whipple have to do with Our Father, The Creator, Yahweh? I do not wish to even hint at profaning the Name by associating it with George Whipple, I only want to make a point of what I think may be going on in this hour. As always I welcome feedback and correction. I reiterate that what I am about to say is not some profound insight I received from taking a celestial elevator up the 3rd heaven; it simply is a ‘Godley Thought’.
The more I learn, the more I learn that I need to unlearn. (Please re read that last sentence slowly, again, if you have to, it truly does make sense). I would have to say that Our Father has had my wife and I cycling around ‘Torah Mountain’ since around 2006. We had entered His House earlier in our lives, ‘The House’ of ‘New Testament’ Christianity by the 2nd floor window and around 2006, I would have to say, the Holy Spirit was guiding us to check out the 1st floor of the House and look around the foundations. (Can you say, Old Testament?) Needless to say, we had a lot of folks saying, ‘Don’t go down there! Its Dark!!!!’ or ‘We don’t have to go down there because Jesus did away with the first floor!’
Part of the ‘Learning to Unlearn’ process is turning up the dimmer switch along the way back and see the verse in Jeremiah 16, where we have inherited lies from our fathers. A lie inherited in innocence is passed down in ignorance. Thus began the Unlearning process. I have to give Thanks and praises to The Father, whose heart is still, ‘that none should perish’ for removing a scale from our eyes. He also gave us Truth teachers along the Way, Michael Rood, Mike & Sue Dowgiewicz, Glen McWilliams in the early days and more recently Brad Scott, Bill Cloud and Rico Cortes.
It was an article that Glenn McWilliams penned in 2008, entitled, ‘All I Needed Was a Good Stripper’. (Sounds like a seeker sensitive title designed to attract the masses in today’s vernacular). Actually Glenn related a story of receiving an old table, handed down countless times with many layers of paint on it. He decided to strip it down to its essence by going over and over with sandpaper one layer at a time, removing the old paint (lies) meeting with resistance (our carnal flesh and friends who thought the painted product WAS the fulfillment of Truth and didn’t need or want to remove each layer). Then a friend told him about getting a ‘stripper’ to help him. He went to the paint store and bought something more powerful than the paint which dissolved each layer one at a time until he found that this hand me down, not good enough for a garage sale table was made of beautiful cherry wood. Is it possible that this ‘something more powerful’ than our man made coated doctrines, dogmas and denominations could be The Holy Spirit who will bring to remembrance ALL that was spoken to us? The Spirit of Truth that will strip away the lies and will guide us into ALL Truth and will disclose what is to come?
Ah yes the un-learning process. Going downstairs from the 2nd floor upper rooms, one step at a time one strip at a time. Have you been there? What step are you on currently? Exciting and fearful at the same time, isn’t it? Does this bring to remembrance for you Deuteronomy 8:2? (That He might humble us, testing us, to know what was in our heart, whether we would keep His commandments or not’)
Herring’s Law of Cure states; ‘The improvement and healing occurs from the inside out. Symptoms disappear from the top down. The discomfort is from an important organ to a less important. The symptoms disappear in reverse order of their appearance.’ Hmmmm, is this the process of Restoration? ‘Lord is it at this time You are Restoring the Kingdom to Israel?’ asked His disciples on the 40th day after His Resurrection. Obviously it wasn’t at that time, but is sure was at the beginning of the process. The detoxification of His body began then and is continuing now. Typically what happens in a toxic cleanse is what’s called a healing crisis’, where you begin to feel ever worse than ever as your body goes though the steps (strips) of being restored.
Old symptoms appear, the skin gets rashes, acne shows up, and it doesn’t look pretty. Could these be symptoms of envy, jealously, strife, anger, bitterness, etc leaving the body? We think that there is No Unity in the body at this time, and there isn’t, but there will be! We’re not getting sicker, we’re in the healing process and we have to go through these to get to well being.
Remember, please don’t squeeze the Charmin!
One more term before we roll up this article, have you ever heard of the word "Chiasm"? It comes from the Greek letter Chi which is shaped like our "X." Basically, a Chiasm is a pattern which starts in one direction and then turns around and repeats itself in the opposite direction. A fun website for more on this can be found here A visit here and you’ll begin to see things in your Bible you didn’t see before! Another step, another strip!
Brad Scott has helped me to see that The Creator works in cycles. David said so himself in Psalm 23, he leads me in cycles of righteousness. Thank you Abba! Well if The Creator leads us in cycles of righteousness (Truth) then The Imitator (The enemy of our souls, ha-satan) leads us in cycles of Un-righteousness (lies that must be stripped away). We have The Creator who loves us to Life and The Corruptor who hates us to death. Given the choice who would most choose? However, what if there were so many layers of lies and old paint that we have to strip away before we step into the fullness of His House?
Some steps and strips that I have taken in my unlearning process is that in order to understand the end, you must go to the beginning. Isaiah said that 7 times. We have been taught that God is linear; His Word begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation. (Lie) I was also taught by misinformed teachers who inherited lies in innocence and passed them down in ignorance, that the ‘wheels within the wheel’ in Ezekiel, could be alien life forms from outer space coming back in a space ship. (Lie) Another step, another strip away… there are so many more to list here, however I’d like to hear yours.
Since The Creator works in cycles, solar systems, planets, rings on a tree, Sabbath within a week, weeks within a month, months within a year, appointed times within a year, cells within a body etc. The Corruptor works the same way, but has put a toxic twist into each one.
Here’s the secret of the Charmin! If you take your Charmin off the rack and roll it out, that’s the way Abba has unfolded ‘time’ and events. As you roll it up or could I say ‘scroll’ it back up, that would be the Restoration of all things! And as it unrolled, so it will be re rolled.
So why shouldn’t we squeeze the Charmin, Rick? Well because our Father isn’t going to be using a soft paper towel to get us all in Full Restoration, Full Health, Unity, Without Spot or Wrinkle. He will be using a heated Steam Roller as it scrolls back.
We are all scrolls, ‘Then I said, “Behold I come; in the scroll of the book it is written of me. I delight to do Your will O my Elohim, Your Torah is written in my heart.’ ( Psalm 40 7-8).
‘And all the host of the heavens shall rot away. And the heavens shall be rolled up like a scroll, and all their host fade like a leaf fading on the vine, and like the fading one of a fig tree.’ (Isaiah 34-4) ‘And heaven departed like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place. (Rev 6:14)
So why don’t we squeeze the Charmin? Because it’s the Charmin that’s going to squeeze us, to get out all the lies and strip us away of all the false way and decay that we may be presented to Him as pure and undefiled.
What should we be doing in the meantime? Flatten yourself out as best you can in the time we have left so others will see and get flattened out before the ‘Steam Scroller’ comes to purge away all toxic unrighteousness! Don’t worry…. Be flattened!