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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rick's A Roux April 2011

Rick’s a Roux April 2011
Here in Louisiana there’s a term called Roux, pronounced ‘Roo’, and is defined as a cooked mixture of wheat flour and fat, traditionally clarified butter. It is used as a thickener for gravy, other sauces, soups and stews and especially gumbo. Ask any Cajun or Redneck who makes the best ‘Roux’ and it’s gonna be their Momma’s or their Grandma’s che. And no two Roux’s are made the same.
By now I usually get a theme for a monthly article, but it seems like this month I got a bunch of ingredients/ideas thrown my way. So I’ll mix em all up and serve it up to you and let’s see what comes out. Keep I mind, a Roux is a recipe that happens as we go along, so be prepared for random thoughts that pop out of nowhere as I write.
Is it only me or does anyone feel for the Japanese in a way that they are being used by Our Father almost like an Irwin Allen movie of what’s to come? Likewise, I am tired of folks that are so proud in their religion that they think this is a judgment upon those heathen/pagan people. As if the ‘religion’ of America is the one and only one, you know, we got it, they don’t. They should have had the same ‘god’ we have and it wouldn’t have happened. Sheesh! What about the ‘heart of The Creator’ whose heart is that NONE should perish. Ever think it’s man’s religion that sends more people to H-E-double hockey sticks than Our Father? Like the USA is gonna be exempt from a Supreme Being Kick in the Butt! Now we got 3 unjust wars going on the global stage and more bloodletting on our soil than ever before. How can a ‘lawless’ government conduct a lawful war? Whoa Rick, getting a little too spicy here, cut back on the cayenne. Folks may not want to taste the final product.
Right, but still ya gotta feel for the Japanese. It’s not totally their fault. ‘As in the days of Noah’… Oh Father please bless them with some sense of understanding, and while you’re at it, shed some of it our way as well.
Last month I received some nice feedback on the 5 types of fools Our Father wants us to know about and beware of. There is so much more on that topic, especially in these waning days. Just yesterday while reading one of the 5 or 6 books I’m currently reading! (How many you got going right now, besides the Scriptures? Tell you mine if you e mail me yours?)
1) The Tares Among the Wheat Brad Scott 2)The Messiah by Todd D. Bennett 3) The Principle of the See Brad Scott 4) What Jesus Taught in Secret by Max Freedom Long 5) Enmity Between the Seeds Bill Cloud I also recommend anything by author Bill Forstchen, who wrote ‘One Second After’ and no it ain’t a stinkin pre tribulation rapture book.
Add a little mixture in the roux for your own flava. Anyway, what got me on another ingredient, is Brad Scott’s ‘The Principle of the Seed’, if you don’t read your Scriptures like an agricultural book then you are missing out on the simpler yet more profound Truths Our Father has Hidden in plain sight! Basically this Life Saga is a battle of Words. The Creators Words that lead to LIFE and the The Corruptors that lead to death (not hell!) So you have Truth, the Good Seed, The Wheat, The Word of Our Father, which is His Son and both are Echad! And you have everything else, which amounts to the False, the corrupted seed, that looks good (remember Eve saw the fruit was pleasing to the eye), The Tare = Weed, the word of the other father, ha-satan, old scratch, the bad guy. So I looked up the word FALSE in my e-Sword. ( You do have e-sword don’t you? If not why not? It’s free and you can get it now from Rico Cortes with the complete original paleo Hebraic meanings) I mean why even bother to discuss what a verse means in English if we don’t have clue to what that Word meant when He spoke it in His Language? Anyway once you do, you’ll find there are 5 meanings to the word FALSE! Once you understand this, you’ll understand why they had to find two false witnesses against The Messiah. (Matt 26:60) Yet read verse 59, they looked pretty hard to find 2! Worked again in Acts 6:13 And it will work against you and me much to our dismay, if we are not learned. (This could very well be an article unto itself.)
One last thought before some other article ingredients that came to me since the last time we visited. Have you ever seen the movie ‘The Great Escape’? Made in 1963 with Steve McQueen? I have to confess that once I saw where the freedom was for me in Torah, I felt like I escaped the barbed wire of whatever denomination I was in and then when I was free I stood up yelling at them in the camp that they were stupid for being there! I knew the way out and they didn’t. I am sorry for doing this. Where are you in the tunnel? We are all part of the body. There are planners, there are diggers, there are singers, there are dirt movers etc, you get my point. Let’s find our place in the tunnel and help others get to the safety of the ‘Trees’. This has a lot of possibilities for an article on it’s own. Go watch the movie, it’s awesome, notice they won’t make another like it. Can’t destroy the original…
Lastly, and you might could help me on this one, did you know Sting was a Torah teacher? How many remember the group, ‘The Police’? They wrote a song ‘DE DOO DOO DE DA DA DA ‘, for some reason every time I come across verses in my Scriptures about how blessings come to those who ‘Do Them’ that song pops off in my mind. Send me the ‘Do’ verses you come across and I’ll get you in my next article. For example, ‘All those Doing them have good understanding’ Psalm 111:30.
What are you Doing?
Finally, why do we have great Truth/Torah teachers come to speak with us if we don’t Do what they say?
Rico Cortes has the best teaching on the Amidah and the Siddur I have ever heard. It too is free, let me know if you need it. Then I’ll ask you, are you Doing it? If not, Why not? (Mark 11:25)
Let all that simmer till next month. Things should heat up between now and then. Oh yeah, the next person who tells me, ‘Hey I read the last chapter, we win!’ You know that’s like saying to all those sailors who were still tapping the hull days after Pearl Harbor while the USS Arizona was in less than 20 feet of water, Don’t worry boys, I know the future, and we win in 1945!’
By the way, I invite you all to check out some of the radio interviews I do, sometimes you hear Truth where you least expect it, I’m always open to feedback and thoughts.

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