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Friday, November 30, 2012

Religious Fluffernutter: Imminent Return- Who does that?

Religious Fluffernutter: Imminent Return- Who does that?

Where did this idea that ‘If the Lord tarries’ concept come from?

 What does that mean, if The LORD tarries’, like He’s sitting at the right hand of The Father like a lap dog waiting for His instructions when Dad says, ‘Fetch Boy!’

 Now there is some semblance of Truth in that, yet, He ain’t coming back tomorrow or the next day. He’s coming back the way He came the 1st time round, (and it wasn't on the winter solstice season of Dec. 25th), what does your Bible/Scripture say?

 Luke 1:15, ‘The Time is fulfilled, the Kingdom of God is @ hand repent and believe in the gospel’. (Interesting He said this to folks who obviously knew what the gospel was, without any ‘new’ testament.) 

Gal 4:4, says, ‘BUT when the fullness of time came, God sent forth His Son… meaning, God didn't wake up one morning and say, hmmmm, wonder what I’ll do today, I know!, I send my only begotten Son today! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Hmmm let’s do that and see what happens.. NO! God, THE CREATOR works by appointments called HIS appointed TIMES!

 See Leviticus 23.

 Let’s get real, you got an appointment with the Doctor next Tuesday, but you say to yourself, I know what that says, but I’ll show up on Thursday, he’ll know what I mean. Better yet, husbands, you have an appointment with your wife and say, hmmm, I’ll just show up on another night, she’ll understand. How’s that working for ya?

My point is, He/’Jesus’ just isn't jumping up off of the right handed seat of The Father and say, I’m in! 

No! He’s has an appointed time! It’s Set!

 And we got some funky doctrine that says, ‘If the Lord tarries… or you never know, He might return tonight! You better get saved today! 

Religious fluffernutter.

 Again, people read your Bible/Scriptures for yourself! What does it say?

 Read 1 Thessalonians 5! He doesn't come like a thief in the night to those who are awake and aware! We need to quit making excuses for out laziness and just regurgitating religious jargon we've heard, like no one knows the day or the hour! Duh! That’s because the time won’t be during the day because that appointed time comes with the new moon on the 7th month!

You know, the one we sing about without bothering to understand, ‘when the trump of the Lord shall sound and time shall be no more…’ which brings me around to my topic.

 Do you really believe that ‘Jesus’ The Messiah could return @ any moment?

 I know most people don’t because they don’t behave anywhere close to the fact that ‘today could be their last’ and that they might leave their loved ones behind!

 Left behind, that’s a golden calf doctrine that needs to be melted down and drunk by all who preach it and write New York Times best selling ‘Trilogies’ that go into 14 or more books!

 I saw a great T-shirt once; I kissed my left behind goodbye… I ask you:

  •  Who gets taken 1st and gets bundled and burned and who gets left behind? Tares go 1st, Wheat get left behind. Matt 13 47-50 

  • What gets taken 1st and what gets left behind? Dross goes 1st, silver gets left behind! Proverbs 25;5 

  • Who got taken out of the room 1st @ the ‘last supper’ and who was left behind? 

  • Who gets cut off 1st and who gets lifted up? Psalm 75:10 

  • Who got taken out 1st and who got left behind in Ex 14? The Pharaoh and his army got taken and the Children of The Living God got left behind. 

  • Did Korah get taken 1st and the children of Israel get left behind?

  • Didn't David write that the He shall remove all the wicked of the earth like dross, so who then gets left behind? 

  • Doesn't it say that the upright will live in the land and the blameless will remain in it, but the wicked will be cut off from the land and the treacherous will be uprooted from it in Proverbs 2?

So who got taken and who gets left behind? 

  • Aren't the wicked overthrown and are no more, but the House of the Righteous will stand? Proverbs 12:7, so who gets taken and who gets left behind? 

  • Oh, in the story of Sodom and G’morrah, who got taken and who got left behind? 

  • Which tree was taken out of the garden and which one was left behind? The tree which God didn't plant was taken out Matt 15:13, that’s the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the Tree of Life gets left behind! 

  • Don’t the wicked get taken away from the king and his throne is established in righteousness? Proverbs 25:5, so who got taken out and who gets left behind? 

I got plenty more; love to hear the ones you find! So IF ‘Jesus’ could come back @ anytime, and IF there is a pre-tribulation rapture, why do we even bother to sing that song?

  •  Who get’s to see Him when He comes as He said in Matt. 24? 

Do you want to be taken out in the 1st wave? Or do you want to be left behind?

Now is the time to examine everything! 2Co 13:5 Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Yahshua the Messiah is in you, except ye be reprobates? Remember, what faith was ‘Paul’ talking about? Couldn't have been ‘christianity’ it wasn't around at that time nor did ‘Jesus’ come to start a new religion called that.

 Neither was it Judaism, that too wasn't around at the time he wrote that! What faith was he talking about? Good question, dig my friends and you’ll see.

 The well is deep! And Refreshing!

 Prepare to be left behind! Luke 21:27 And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. Luke 21:28 Now when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near."

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