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Monday, May 30, 2011

Spiritual Chemtrails

Spiritual Chemtrails June 2011

In the beginning we read about The Creator and The Corruptor. One restores, one destroys. There is The Tree of Life and the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. Each Tree comes from a seed. According to ‘Jesus’, The Seed is The Word (Luke 8:11). So would it be correct to equate words with seeds? No matter if the words come from the Creator or the Corruptor? After all in the beginning words were spoken by The Father of Truth and the father of lies correct. Words that if obeyed either led to Life or words if obeyed led to death. So far it seems pretty simple. Sorry to get so rudimentary, but as ‘Jesus’ said, we have to become as children to enter the Kingdom. Yet, let’s face it we have become so confused by all the words/seeds we have received that we either think we are so spiritually wise; when in fact we are so Scripturally illiterate and full of pride and stupidity we can see Truth when it’s standing right in front of us! (John 18:38).
It all comes down to two fundamental questions asked ‘In the Beginning’.
1) ‘Who told you?’ (Gen 3:11)
2) ‘Did God say?’ (Gen 3:11)
Words are Seeds. Who spoke the words that ‘you think you believe’ and are building your faith upon? Who told you? Did God say? See the trouble has been that we of the Christian persuasion have not been like our ‘new’ testament brothers of Acts 17:11. You know the ones who lived in this town called Berea, 90210? They were nobler than those Jersey Shore folks who lived in Thessalonica N.J. 07434. You see the folks in Berea, heard the word/seeds that were trying to be planted or should I say supplanted in them and then they combed not their DA’s, but combed those words/seeds through Scriptures DAILY! They didn’t wait till Pastor TwistTruth ministered the profaned word on SUNday morning or evening or even Wednesday night, to see if it was so! You see, they were those that Rabbi Paul commended his student, Timothy to be, in 2 Tim 2:15, study to show YOURSELF, a workman, approved unto The Creator, (not your pastor, bishop, reverend, right reverend, pope, mother Helen, etc) but to The Creator rightly dividing the Word (Seed) of Truth. You see when they train bank tellers to spot counterfeits, they don’t study forgery’s they focus on the genuine, so that if and when a forgery counterfeit comes their way, they know it right away. They rightly divide the real from the fake!
So again, I ask you to (2 Cor 3:15), ‘Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith.
Test yourselves! Or do you not realize this about yourselves that The Messiah is in you? Unless
Indeed you fail the test!’ Please read your bible/Scripture from the Beginning as a mirror and not a magnifying glass or telescope to look at others through.

By the time you read this article, the events of the world will be shaking up a lot of things. Funny, we don’t take Dad’s Words (Seeds) as Truth. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. EVERYTHING that can be shaken will be shaken! Everything means everything, and that means your faith and my faith, the foundation that you are standing on. See Hebrews 12. Again, the ‘holy spirit’ sieve you should put over yourselves in this hour is, ‘Who told you? And Did God say?’

Notice the many winds blowing these days? Doesn’t “Paul’ tell us, 1st the natural then the Spiritual? (1 Cor 15:46) Naturally in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Joplin Missouri? Have you read Proverbs 1 lately? We can’t blame The Creator on this stuff, we can only blame ourselves because we didn’t want to receive His Words so because of our actions, ‘Whirlwinds’ follow? Can’t blame The Creator, He gave us the Words that lead to Life, Promise and Blessing, when followed. The only other option is not to accept His Words/Seeds, but to receive the words/seeds of the Corruptor whose mission is to steal kill and destroy. Can it be any more evident?

So what’s blowing around these days? How windy has it been where you live lately? Here in North Louisiana, my wife and I have noticed that it seems like the wind is blowing almost every day. Now it’s still getting hotter, but the wind is blowing. How many references of the wind can you find in your bible? Doesn’t the wind blow to check the foundation of the House in Matt 7? How about in Acts 27 when the winds were contrary? In the book of James, he admonishes us to beware the winds of doctrine that are blowing. Again, Who told you and did God say?

Maybe Bob Dylan was right, when he penned Blowing in the Wind in 1963. The answer is blowing in the wind. Who told you and did God say?
The Creator wants us in His Garden eating off the Tree of Life. The corruptor wants us to continue to bear mixed fruit of good and evil. Rick? What’s wrong with bearing good from the tree of good and evil? IT’S THE WRONG TREE! You have received the wrong words into the soil of your souls. (Remember we are all dirt). The corruptor has sown seeds of corruption from the beginning and we are seeing the fruit of that. He is also in charge o the world force and air force. (Luke 4: 5-7, Eph 6:12).

I don’t know if you have ever studied the ‘cloud formations’ over your head. You have the natural created by Our Creator and then you have those corrupted by the corruptor. (See his problem is that he CAN’T create, he can only imitate and then add to or take away from and thus distorting the Real, leaving the counterfeit).

Watch the skies over you. What’s blowing? Many doctrines these days. Who told you? Did God say? Remember the advisory of The Creator is out to corrupt the seed, the soil and the air. The Seed are Words. The soil is your soul. And the air is the air. Watch what you are taking in, in these days of shaking.

Remember the words that came out of The Creators mouth were wind animated by sound, likewise from the corruptor. Want to know a soil/soul check up? What words are coming out of your mouth? Do they minister Life? Or were they sown by the corruptor? Just sayin…

How’s your breathing with praying coming along? See last months article.
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