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Sunday, January 23, 2011

‘Please don’t squeeze the Charmin.

‘Please don’t squeeze the Charmin. By Rick Godley February 2011

What does Mr. Whipple have to do with Our Father, The Creator, Yahweh? I do not wish to even hint at profaning the Name by associating it with George Whipple, I only want to make a point of what I think may be going on in this hour. As always I welcome feedback and correction. I reiterate that what I am about to say is not some profound insight I received from taking a celestial elevator up the 3rd heaven; it simply is a ‘Godley Thought’.
The more I learn, the more I learn that I need to unlearn. (Please re read that last sentence slowly, again, if you have to, it truly does make sense). I would have to say that Our Father has had my wife and I cycling around ‘Torah Mountain’ since around 2006. We had entered His House earlier in our lives, ‘The House’ of ‘New Testament’ Christianity by the 2nd floor window and around 2006, I would have to say, the Holy Spirit was guiding us to check out the 1st floor of the House and look around the foundations. (Can you say, Old Testament?) Needless to say, we had a lot of folks saying, ‘Don’t go down there! Its Dark!!!!’ or ‘We don’t have to go down there because Jesus did away with the first floor!’
Part of the ‘Learning to Unlearn’ process is turning up the dimmer switch along the way back and see the verse in Jeremiah 16, where we have inherited lies from our fathers. A lie inherited in innocence is passed down in ignorance. Thus began the Unlearning process. I have to give Thanks and praises to The Father, whose heart is still, ‘that none should perish’ for removing a scale from our eyes. He also gave us Truth teachers along the Way, Michael Rood, Mike & Sue Dowgiewicz, Glen McWilliams in the early days and more recently Brad Scott, Bill Cloud and Rico Cortes.
It was an article that Glenn McWilliams penned in 2008, entitled, ‘All I Needed Was a Good Stripper’. (Sounds like a seeker sensitive title designed to attract the masses in today’s vernacular). Actually Glenn related a story of receiving an old table, handed down countless times with many layers of paint on it. He decided to strip it down to its essence by going over and over with sandpaper one layer at a time, removing the old paint (lies) meeting with resistance (our carnal flesh and friends who thought the painted product WAS the fulfillment of Truth and didn’t need or want to remove each layer). Then a friend told him about getting a ‘stripper’ to help him. He went to the paint store and bought something more powerful than the paint which dissolved each layer one at a time until he found that this hand me down, not good enough for a garage sale table was made of beautiful cherry wood. Is it possible that this ‘something more powerful’ than our man made coated doctrines, dogmas and denominations could be The Holy Spirit who will bring to remembrance ALL that was spoken to us? The Spirit of Truth that will strip away the lies and will guide us into ALL Truth and will disclose what is to come?
Ah yes the un-learning process. Going downstairs from the 2nd floor upper rooms, one step at a time one strip at a time. Have you been there? What step are you on currently? Exciting and fearful at the same time, isn’t it? Does this bring to remembrance for you Deuteronomy 8:2? (That He might humble us, testing us, to know what was in our heart, whether we would keep His commandments or not’)
Herring’s Law of Cure states; ‘The improvement and healing occurs from the inside out. Symptoms disappear from the top down. The discomfort is from an important organ to a less important. The symptoms disappear in reverse order of their appearance.’ Hmmmm, is this the process of Restoration? ‘Lord is it at this time You are Restoring the Kingdom to Israel?’ asked His disciples on the 40th day after His Resurrection. Obviously it wasn’t at that time, but is sure was at the beginning of the process. The detoxification of His body began then and is continuing now. Typically what happens in a toxic cleanse is what’s called a healing crisis’, where you begin to feel ever worse than ever as your body goes though the steps (strips) of being restored.
Old symptoms appear, the skin gets rashes, acne shows up, and it doesn’t look pretty. Could these be symptoms of envy, jealously, strife, anger, bitterness, etc leaving the body? We think that there is No Unity in the body at this time, and there isn’t, but there will be! We’re not getting sicker, we’re in the healing process and we have to go through these to get to well being.
Remember, please don’t squeeze the Charmin!
One more term before we roll up this article, have you ever heard of the word "Chiasm"? It comes from the Greek letter Chi which is shaped like our "X." Basically, a Chiasm is a pattern which starts in one direction and then turns around and repeats itself in the opposite direction. A fun website for more on this can be found here A visit here and you’ll begin to see things in your Bible you didn’t see before! Another step, another strip!
Brad Scott has helped me to see that The Creator works in cycles. David said so himself in Psalm 23, he leads me in cycles of righteousness. Thank you Abba! Well if The Creator leads us in cycles of righteousness (Truth) then The Imitator (The enemy of our souls, ha-satan) leads us in cycles of Un-righteousness (lies that must be stripped away). We have The Creator who loves us to Life and The Corruptor who hates us to death. Given the choice who would most choose? However, what if there were so many layers of lies and old paint that we have to strip away before we step into the fullness of His House?
Some steps and strips that I have taken in my unlearning process is that in order to understand the end, you must go to the beginning. Isaiah said that 7 times. We have been taught that God is linear; His Word begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation. (Lie) I was also taught by misinformed teachers who inherited lies in innocence and passed them down in ignorance, that the ‘wheels within the wheel’ in Ezekiel, could be alien life forms from outer space coming back in a space ship. (Lie) Another step, another strip away… there are so many more to list here, however I’d like to hear yours.
Since The Creator works in cycles, solar systems, planets, rings on a tree, Sabbath within a week, weeks within a month, months within a year, appointed times within a year, cells within a body etc. The Corruptor works the same way, but has put a toxic twist into each one.
Here’s the secret of the Charmin! If you take your Charmin off the rack and roll it out, that’s the way Abba has unfolded ‘time’ and events. As you roll it up or could I say ‘scroll’ it back up, that would be the Restoration of all things! And as it unrolled, so it will be re rolled.
So why shouldn’t we squeeze the Charmin, Rick? Well because our Father isn’t going to be using a soft paper towel to get us all in Full Restoration, Full Health, Unity, Without Spot or Wrinkle. He will be using a heated Steam Roller as it scrolls back.
We are all scrolls, ‘Then I said, “Behold I come; in the scroll of the book it is written of me. I delight to do Your will O my Elohim, Your Torah is written in my heart.’ ( Psalm 40 7-8).
‘And all the host of the heavens shall rot away. And the heavens shall be rolled up like a scroll, and all their host fade like a leaf fading on the vine, and like the fading one of a fig tree.’ (Isaiah 34-4) ‘And heaven departed like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place. (Rev 6:14)
So why don’t we squeeze the Charmin? Because it’s the Charmin that’s going to squeeze us, to get out all the lies and strip us away of all the false way and decay that we may be presented to Him as pure and undefiled.
What should we be doing in the meantime? Flatten yourself out as best you can in the time we have left so others will see and get flattened out before the ‘Steam Scroller’ comes to purge away all toxic unrighteousness! Don’t worry…. Be flattened!

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