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Monday, December 5, 2011

Know ALL the facts before you judge a situation, there's always at least one more piece of information you don't know, that could change everything!

There’s always at least one more piece of information that one needs to know, before they understand.
Since there is nothing new under the sun, (Ecclesiastes 1:9), I take no credit for passing along the following information for your edification and understanding of situations as you mature in The Faith.
One Sunday morning on a subway in New York City, people were sitting quietly---reading their Sunday morning newspapers, some lost in thought, some resting with their eyes closed from either working all night or partying all night, regardless, their eyes were closed with the welcome feeling of rest.

It was a calm peaceful scene as the train rocked each person to their own restful beat with a clickity clack, I gotcha covered and I’ll take care of you till you get to your destination.
Then suddenly, a man and his children entered the subway car at the next station. The children were soooooo loud and rambunctious that instantly the climate inside the car had dramatically changed.
The man sat down next to a passenger and closed his eyes as if to rest himself, apparently oblivious to the situation. His children were yelling back and forth, throwing things, running up and down the car as it sped along the tunnel, grabbing people’s papers. It was very disturbing to most all in the car. Yet, the man rested with his eyes closed, rocking to the subtle sway of the subway car, seeming to enjoy every roll. He did absolutely nothing about his children causing mayhem.
Many became to feel irritated, they became indignant that this person could be so callous and uncaring and insensitive as to let his children run wild like they were and do nothing about it, taking no responsibility at all!
It was clearly evident to everyone on the subway car, that his lack of attention had affected the whole atmosphere on the formerly serene subway car. All were now irritated at the cacophony of the kids running rampant!
Until one person, finally spoke up on behalf of the whole, and said, ‘SIR! Your children are REALLY disturbing a lot of people! I wonder if you wouldn’t mind and control them please! Thank you!”
The man lifted his gaze as if to come into a consciousness of the situation and for the first time spoke ever so gently and said softly to all inside the car…. “ Oh, you are right, please forgive me, I guess I should do something about it. We just came from the hospital where their mother died about an hour ago. I don’t know what to think, and I guess they don’t know how to handle it either.’
See Proverbs 25 8-10

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The reason for the Reason December 2011

Remember ‘The Reason for the Reason’ December 2011

As we enter another one of that end of year Holiday Seasons we have all heard the phrase, ‘Remember the Reason for the Season!’ Ask most folks, well; just what is the ‘reason for the season’? They probably will give a one word answer, Jesus! Jesus is the Reason for the Season! I’ve come to understand that’s what we were taught, that ‘Jesus ‘was the reason for the season. And of course we’ve all heard that this is ‘Baby Jesus birthday, etc.’ Ahh yes, that most wonderful time of the year! ‘Pull up and ice-block and lend and ear…’, ‘You see George you really did have a Wonderful Life!’, ‘Keep the change, ya filthy animal’, ‘Get the biggest aluminum tree you can find, Charlie Brown, maybe painted pink’. I have the precious memories, the family times etc, loved them all. Doesn’t make em right IF one is a follower of The Word made flesh. I didn’t know I had inherited lies at the time. But just because it feels good, do it, don’t cut it. Likewise, that old adage, ‘how come something that ‘feels’ so right be so wrong, may work in a country song or a hit radio song just to get to the flesh, doesn’t make it right. C’mon, anyone with human flesh on as skin, knows what I’m talking about. We’ve all made the mistakes. Again, we didn’t know! Yet, as we matured, we kind of did know, didn’t we? And still yielded to that temptation and indulged. That’s not the gist of this article,
As I’ve walked out of the darkness of religion into The Light of His Word, I began to see more and more! Hello!!!! McFly??? McGodley!!? Why does His Word seem to talk about blindness a lot? ‘Giving sight to the blind? The blind leading the blind? I have begun to question where and why we speak phrases and wonder where they came from and why we just seem to accept them as Truth. Such as; ‘Remember the Reason for the Season!’.
My dear friends and brethren, Do we even KNOW The REASON for the REASON? Let alone the reason for the season? Ask yourself, introspect yourself or as ‘Paul’ (when did his name ever get changed to Paul anyway?), said in 2 Cor. 13:5 ‘Test yourselves to see if your are in the faith; examine yourselves! Or do you not recognize this about yourselves, the Jesus Christ (not His real Name), is in you-unless indeed you fail the test?’ (Now don’t go and get your chestnuts roasted in an open fire, that doesn’t mean you and a whole lotta folks are going to hell! That’s what ‘religion’ will do to you).
So what I’d like to propose to you in this month’s article is to ask for your help and help me. IF ‘Jesus ‘ is the reason for the season’, what does that mean to you? Please e mail me as I am collecting research to see what has been taught to His Believers. I submit to you the He (‘Jesus’) came for more than one reason. (Plus He didn’t come at this time of the year, but that’s for another article, let’s just stay focused on why He Came Down.
I’ve hear d that He came to ‘Save’ me! (Not saying He didn’t come to do that)
He came to make a way for us to get to heaven… (not saying He didn’t come to do that either, although I humbly ask where in Scripture does it say we go to heaven after we die, oh, that’s right, that’s another article)
He came to Redeem The World! (Ok, can you explain more for me please?)
How many Reasons can you come up with for why He came? Based upon His Word please, No opinions matter, (not even mine)
Do you think ‘Jesus’ came to start another religion call ‘Christianity’? (If so, can you show me based upon His Word where that is?)
Do you think ‘Jesus’ (not His real name) came to set up some kind of Pre-Tribulation Rapture where you and I won’t have to suffer or go through some intense times of trials and tribulations? (If so, can you show me based upon His Word what that is?) Thanks! Cause I hope you’re right!
Do you thing ‘Jesus’ came to give you ‘Your Best Life NOW! In the year 2012? (Not knocking ole, Joel ‘O’ cause we really don’t speak words of encouragement to each other like he does and a good word of encouragement will go a looooong way, but let’s not confuse that with Truth, can you show me where my best life NOW is NOW in His Word?)

Do you think ‘Jesus’ came to begin a demonization called ‘Catholicism’, ‘Baptist’, ‘Pentecostal’, ‘Assembly of God’, ‘Methodist’, ‘non denominational’ , etc times 30,000 others? ( If so, can you please show me based upon His Word where that is?)
Do you think ‘Jesus’ came to begin a new Holiday called ‘Christmas’ where parents lie to their children all in good fun? (Yea, where is that in His Word? Oh by the way, that shouldn’t preclude giving gifts to folks or kids, do it because you want to anytime you are led, that’s call an act of kindness and love)
So, what is the Reason for the Reason He came?
There are a lot of reasons why He Came! And that truly is Good News! And the Better News is that there is more Good News the more you look! How refreshing! Long after the wrapping paper overflows the dumpsters and the credit card bills begin in January think about His disciples back when He (‘Jesus) walked the earth AFTER His resurrection! Do you know that ‘Jesus’ walked this planet for 40 days AFTER His resurrection? Don’t you think that He would have a lot to say about that and that there should be another ‘Gospel’ writer to take notes on that for us? Read Acts 1 1-3 , that’s 3 Verses, (make that your New Year’s Resolution, to read 3 verses of His Word!)
Here’s a hint on The Reason for The Reason, (not the season), read Acts 1:6. His disciples were more focused on Him Restoring The KINGDOM to Israel, (not the Jews!, Judaism is a religion that’s just as bogus as Christianity, according to yours and their Scripture)
So based upon His Word and not upon Hallmark, there is a Restoration going on, Read (Acts 3:21 as well), there is also a ‘Gathering ‘going on and it hasn’t been completed yet, there is also a manifestation of those who WANT TO bear fruit, lasting Fruit and fruit that will remain, because the tares don’t appear until the wheat does.
So what other reasons can you dig deeper in your ‘bible’ and come up with The Reason for The Reason and move past ‘The Reason for the Season’. E mail me please and let’s share as we grow!