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Monday, May 28, 2012

The MTA = the IND, BMT and IRT June 2012 Anyone outside of New York City probably wouldn’t know what all these initials mean. Who knew they were talking about the Big Apples Subway system? Here’s the translation: MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority is composed of the IND (Independent Subway System -1932), the BMT (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation – 19 teens), IRT (the Interborough Rapid Transit Company 1904). So now you know! Not to be confused with PATH, another organization of subterranean transit, the Port Authority Trans Hudson! Where ya going on this one there, Rick? Glad you asked. Ever notice, your Bible, The Scriptures is written in a funny way? Using words in a way that you and I wouldn’t normally talk, type nor text? LOL! No, I am not talking in that funky King James; ‘gimme-est thee thou lucre there thou ignorant slave! Wouldest thou committest a sinneth!’ Bleeech! (Godley Amplified version) No, I am not talking about King James, I am talking about the choice of words used in most Scriptures. Going back to the original language of Hebrew and not the wide gate lost in translation versions such as The Message or Living Bibles. Like the Subway system of New York, do you trust map of those who actually built the subway or read an interpretation of the map when you want to get from A to B? You know, from someone who says, ‘this is what I think it means’ or ‘this is what they meant when they said this train would connect to this train.’ Back to the Words of Scripture. Example, the word ‘gathered’. Ever notice how many times that word shows up and in sentences that you and I would never write? ‘And all the city was gathered together at the door. (Mark 1:33) How would you write that? ‘Man, everybody showed up!’ Read your Bible, that’s a loaded sentence, ALL the city was GATHERED at the DOOR! How about this one: ‘And there were gathered unto him great multitudes, so that he entered into a boat, and sat; and all the multitude stood on the beach. (Matt 13:2) How would you text that? Evry1’s here! Lotsa ppl! So many He can’t speak w/o gettin a boat! Where y’@?’ There are soooo many ‘Gather’ verses, I implore you to pay attention to when they show up! Read slowly! I got 2 more, (matter of fact there are over 245 verses of Gathered or Gather in your Bible/Scripture!) One more….. the first occurrence of the Word reveals a lot as well. ‘And God said, Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.’ (Gen 1:9) Sup wit dis? Why does He write it this way? Think He wants His people to be gathered unto one place? While He sends His messengers to gather up the tares at the appropriate time to bind, and burn THEM first while the Wheat get left behind to be taken to the barn? (Matt 13:29) I have a thing called my ‘So what?’ prayer. I ask Abba/Father, now that I know this, now that I see this, ‘So what?’ Now that my eyes have been opened to the Word ‘Gather/Gathered/Gathering’, I now write at the top of the page of my Bible/Scriptures a capital G with a square around it. To draw my attention to the word G = Gathered, just like the NYC subway lettering of its trains. A reminder to me, Rick, stop and go deeper to see what’s in here. For those who have never taken a NYC Subway, they are pretty simple, named after letters and numbers. Ever hear of ‘Take the A train’? We’ll that subway will take you from upper Manhattan all the way downtown, into Brooklyn and out to Rockaway Beach on Long Island. Whereas the D train starts in the Bronx and will take you downtown and all the way through Brooklyn and end up on Coney Island. Gotta know where you’re going and how to get there! And yes, they have maps clearly marked for us! Well so does The Creator of the Universe! Ever see, Nicolas Cage in the movie, ‘National Treasures’? It’s a neat movie about how our founding fathers placed secret codes in our original documents that would lead one to some great ‘gathered’ wealth. In this movie, first of all, in order to find the ‘treasure’ you had to have a ‘want to’ to want to look for it’ Proverbs 25:2 says, ‘It is the glory of God to conceal a thing; But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.’. In other words, there’s something deeper in here IF you want to dig for it. In the movie once, Nicolas Cage, begin to dig deeper and all of a sudden, words seem to appear and ‘jump off the page’ at him, helping him to connect that dots if you will. Ever have that hapBlupen to you? It does to me… now! Now that He has me looking for the dots! Like the names of the NYC subways. The A, B, Q, F, #2, # 3, E, C, etc… go here on how to get around under New York,, pretty neat. Now, I’ll share my Scriptural underground notes, should anyone find my Bible/Scriptures with it’s ‘Godley amplification’ and oh yes, of course, highlighted colors. I am open to hearing what you have found! (See Proverbs 2 on how and why to dig!) I have a big L on Scripture where The Creator has promised His people His LAND! Sometimes you feel that He cares more about His Land than He does His people, read it for yourself. He does treasure HIS Land, and He treasures His treasured Ones. I highlight Land in green! R with a square around it stands for RESTORE. I read where He is quite interested in Restoring as much as Redeeming! Don’t you? Hmmmm, Restoring what? See Acts 1:6 and Acts 3:21. Hint hint, wink wink! I color R with blue. I find a lot of DO, which I highlight in yellow You know those verses where He encourages us TO DO this and that? It’s amazing what He says/prcmises what HE will Do IF we will only DO what He says! But to our chagrin we say, Nah. Read the full verse of the one we think we know so well, ‘MY people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge’. Hosea 4:6, read the rest of the verse as to WHY HIS people are destroyed! Shame on us! He makes His Way very clear! It’s the pin-headed theologians, the Ph-Deity’s that think THEY know better! Hrumph! A couple more of ‘Godley’s Scriptural Subway’ system. C = Conspiracy. Yes! Virginian there is a Conspiracy and it’s NOT a Theory. Evolution is a Theory, Conspiracy is very real. Read Psalm 2, 74:8, all of Psalm 83!, Matt 22:15, Matt 12:14,Psalm 64 just to name a very few! I Highlight C Yellow at the top of my pages! Others are H for Healings, which He did and we should and will be doing. I highlight H in Green as well! D is for deliverance. How many times did He and His disciples DO Deliverance? Make note, and mark them! You’ll begin to connect the dots! Share what you find! There is soooooo much more! Deeper is better! Let’s dig; we’re the Tunnel Kings for The Great Escape! More to come, Mordecai!

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