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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Creator Behind bars!!!

This morning was totally awesome behind bars @ the OCC. Here’s how the process usually works, I get there about 7:30-7:40, sign in and let the front desk know I’m here for Freedmen Ministries. Then I wait in the lobby till they page all the men who signed up for the class. They come from different pods (cell blocks), so that can take anywhere from 15-25 minutes all depends. No problem, I’m on their time anyway. So I get there this morning. I don’t come in with a game plan, although I seek one from The Father. I didn’t have one, but the men usually have a question or 2 or 30 or 40 and the Spirit takes it from there. I arrived at 7:35, announced myself, and they said to come right around! (No waiting), wouldn’t you know it, coffee had to take its course, so I run to …well you know where. As I get my walkie talkie I go to the room in the back through 3 automatic doors that open and lock behind me. Well I look to the room and ALL of the men are there, sitting at the table waiting for me! 20 minutes early! All smiles, all eager… To say the class was sweet, and tears flowed because of them understanding the cup of Bitter Waters…then the confessions came for prayer to break strongholds….so here we are an hour ½ laying on hands praying over about 5 or 6 men. Oh I forgot, they opened with a custom rap song about ‘The Words’ that come out of my mouth, I’m going to be a better man….. Oh if you all could have witnessed it. Forget about moist brownies, I’m getting moist eyes just typing this….

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