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Monday, September 27, 2010

Counting Coup Rick Godley October 2010

Last month, I wrote on the need for individuals, especially married couples, to methodically and painstakingly take down the strongholds of their souls. The soul is your mind, your will, and your emotions. Not only have we inherited lies from our forefathers, but we have inherited corruption in many ways through many means. The fact that one is ‘born again’ is great, but that takes place in one’s spirit. That’s where one is born again of the incorruptible seed. The human spirit is only 1/3rd of our human being. We then have our soul, (M-W-E) and then our flesh and blood.
Our Father wants us to be truly Sprit-led and worked out through our souls into the Word made flesh. When Jesus said that Satan had nothing in Him, Jesus knew what He was talking about. We, however, have “stuff” in us that the enemy can trigger in many ways, mostly subtly to trip us in our Walk of Faith.
How many of us can identify with fear, rejection, rebellion, sexual impurity , bitterness, and jealousy to name only a few root causes of an issue that has gone unresolved in your soul? The enemy of our souls is not going to leave willingly just because one is either a “Christian” or obedient Torah believer. Ananias and Saphria had some strongholds that they didn’t fully confess and walk in the Light on as He is in the light, and it cost them.
The children of Israel were delivered out of one level of bondage from the enemy and had to come to the living Creator. But He wants to go deeper. He wants His children to know what’s in their heart. He wants to know whether or not we would keep His Words. Yield unto obedience or allow the stronghold of rebellion to manifest. A lot of them didn’t come clean before their Creator, and it cost them.
Moses, in his farewell state of the future address about the children of Yah states that imaginations will cause us to be corrupted, leading to rebellion, pride, religion and other perverted maladies of the soul. We need to clean the inside of our cup. Clean the house inside! It’s no wonder Jesus, on His part, did not trust Himself to them. For He knew all men, and He Himself knew what was in man.
What’s killing our troops overseas these days? Mines and IED’s that were buried under the roads long ago are killing our troops. The enemy is watching for the most opportune time to set it off in order to do the most destruction to his enemy.
The enemy of our soul is out to do the same. If we haven’t apprehended the strongman and bound him and turned him over to the Lord who executes justice, then you are allowing the enemy to still linger and destroy relationships and destroy one’s witness.
The American Indian has a term called “Counting Coup”. That’s when the warriors won prestige with acts of bravery in the face of the enemy. They would ride into the enemy’s camp and steal their weapons or horses and escape unharmed. If they did this, they were awarded an eagle feather.
Our souls are just like this. We need to ride in and take back the ground we yielded to the enemy by our actions, words, thoughts, beliefs and, most importantly, in our minds, wills, and emotions. It’s like having an intruder sit in your living room or bedroom that refuses to leave because you have allowed him to come in and stay.
We are approaching a time when power from our Father is going to be poured out to vessels that are able to receive it because His mission is still that none should perish. And we are to storm the gates of hell to set another captive free.
Please, if you need more information and encouragement on how to do this e mail me. There are some excellent organizations that can help you identify what needs to be healed and restored in your soul.
Didn’t Jesus count coup when he went to the enemy and got back the keys of life and death? Didn’t David count coup on Saul when he cut his garment and didn’t kill him when he had the chance?
I hope you can see what a coup stick looks like. It’s almost like a walking stick, maybe even a shepherd’s staff. Coincidence? You make that call. Remember, what fellowship has Yahuah with beli-al? None. So why would we leave crime scene evidence in our house (soul) and invite the Pure One to come in? That would and could be a deadly mix. Just ask Ananias and Saphria and Ai and Gehezi and Judas and ….

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