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Monday, February 2, 2015

‘The Church of the Sinking Ship’

Ever Read Acts 27?    

Read it real slow, out loud to yourself, then out loud to someone else.   Read it with emotion, your emotions not someone else’s.  Then read it from the perspective of the writer, then from the perspective of one of the sailors. 

Ever feel like you are the only one on board that is getting signals that fly in face of those who are ‘the professionals’, of those who have the most experience in these type matters?  After all the one who was getting the message that the journey we’re on will; ‘certainly be with great damage and great loss, not only in the cargo and the ship, but also of our lives’, was one the prisoners on-board? 

What experience did he ever have at sea that we know of?  He was shipwrecked 3 times!

Ever feel like you are the only one going against not only the majority’s decision and the military?

Even though the circumstantial evidence is contrary to you as well!  

Even ‘Nature’ is confirming the majority’s decision with moderate winds, benign names of ports ‘Fair Havens’

You are the only one who knows that ‘something about this trip’ isn't right.

Then when everything begins to change and change in a big way, in a way that made Hurricane Katrina seem like a New Orleans zephyr and the seasoned professionals and bad ass seamen begin to batten down the hatches so much so they began tossing over the cargo!   

No sunshine for days, hope abandoned and going a long time without food, will you have the courage to stand up and say, ‘See I told you so!’; as a way of encouraging the crew?

Then keeping the same message, guys this boat is going down just like I said it will.  

It’s God’s will.

2 weeks go by.

Fear is rising.  We’re going to crash!   The sailors are being deceptive and are trying to jump ship. 
Now your message gets a little (pun intended) sterner.  ‘Cut the lifeboats!  

All must go down in other for all to be saved!’  It’s the Will of God.’

What will you do with this type of message in this circumstance with this type audience?  

Feed them!  
Encourage them!  
Take care of others!   
In other words be selfless not selfish!

We’re now at a point in the story where we’re going to toss everything over the side, cast off the anchors, and run the ship aground.   As the boat begins to break up, now the soldiers want to kill you but you have to tell the centurion to jump overboard to save himself.

Remember the original message; all must go down in order for all to be saved!

Then lo and behold you’re brought safely to land after one of the toughest times in your life. 

It was the will of God for the boat and cargo to go down, because He didn't want you to stay at Fair Havens, He wanted you to crash on Malta which means refuge!

After all of this now what does He require of you?  Make a fire to warm others.  

What’s your reward for all this?

You get bit by a viper!

Now what do you say, Gee Thanks God!  This is what I get?  Or do you shake it off and throw the snake into the fire and stay humble, pray for others and continue serving others?

What message do you have that no one wants to hear in spite of everything they have ever learned to believe with the confirmation of nature to back it up including a majority of people thinking believing the same thing and you are the ONLY one that’s different?

Closing Prayer:
‘Abba, Father, and May I have the strength to be steadfast in the face of the Winds of Doctrine blowing in this hour in the Kingdom and the World.   May I have the trust to continue as your servant Daniel continued….  ‘

Remember:  all must go down in order for all to be saved.

Be the one, even if you are the only one.

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