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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What difference does it make?

Conversation at a recent bible study… Q: What was the 1st bird released from Noah’s ark? A: A Dove A: Wrong! Read it for yourself (Gen 8:7). The Dove was the 2nd bird released, and how many times was it released and what did it come back with? Q: How many of each kind of animals did Noah bring into the ark? A: 2 of each kind. A: Wrong! See the right answer (Gen 7:2) Why do you think that was? To which, they said to me: ‘What difference does it make?” Isn't that what Hillary Clinton said too? I mean, we’re talking about The Word of The Creator and you don’t think it makes a difference? No wonder, it’s all about His people needing to turning from their wicked ways! Throw out His ‘Law’ and what do you get? We get what we got! What difference does it make?

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