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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What did Paul say when he spoke?

A quick perusal thru the book of Acts in the life of Paul; I can find no less than 12 different times he was either invited to speak or just spoke out in different cities, places and synagogues. Many times on the Sabbath (not SUN-day).

This is the same Paul whose resume of following Torah; the teachings and instructions of The Creator, were nonpareil. He spoke of himself in Philippians 3, as if to compare his ‘Jewish spirituality with anyone else’. This guy was circumcised on the 8th day, born of the seed of Jacob of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of Hebrews, according to the Law, a Pharisee. Zealous? He persecuted and killed followers of The Way. Blameless according to The Law!

So what happens to this Paul’s after his encounter with Jesus on that Damascus Road? The same Jesus who spoke with a Hebrew accent to Paul by the way! Did Paul become a Christian and say what we say in modern Christianity? “Hey Guys! We don’t have to observe Sabbath any more! We’re free in Christ! And the really good news is we don’t have to observe that law anymore! Because we have liberty in Christ and it’s been nailed to the cross! Pork chops anyone?”

So I’m just wondering why this Pharisee of Pharisee, ardent Torah Observer never once mentioned any of this to the brethren in the book of Acts.

Why didn’t he take the time to say any of these things! He was given ample opportunity time and time again.

Even the proverbial letter to the Gentiles; Acts 15, (that’s us) listed the 3 baby steps instructions’ for those who believe in Messiah; Pure (Holy) Worship, Pure Food and Pure (holy) Living. After that, they were to meet on the Sabbath to hear Moses read and grow from there!

Before anyone responds, hear me clear, Salvation is NOT based on works!!!! Faith in what Jesus did and why He did what He did! Again, I am not saying observation of the instructions saves ANYONE! It’s about love for Him! Do we Love Him and Show Him by wanting to obey His instructions?

If you need the specific chapter and verses e mail me and I’ll get them to you!

Thank you for your time and understanding.

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